Beauty how to: SS17 best makeup trends

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Beauty how to: SS17 best makeup trends
Buro's hair and makeup expert picks her top three looks from the recent Spring/Summer 2017 shows and gives you the lowdown on how to achieve them... plus the best makeup products to use

Starting the beauty fashion week tour for SS17, the first stop was New York, followed by London and Milan, and lastly Paris. And what an amazing and inspiring SS17 collection it was. From the clean and fresh, no-makeup makeup look at Michael Kors to the show-stopping sparkle seen at the Fendi show, there was something for everyone. Here are my top three makeup trends from all of the shows and here's the how-tos and the makeup I would use to replicate these looks.

Nothing was being held back at the alter of glam for the models at Moschino. It was all about the eyes and brows with a look that even a 1950's movie star would be envious of.
How to:

1. To create this look start with a matte foundation, as this will leave the base of your skin looking porcelain-like. Use a little concealer over the eye and lips, as this helps the eyeshadow last and also evens out the lids as a clean base to work on.

2. Using a cream colour matte eyeshadow, cover the entire lid right up to the browbone. 
Then apply a cream shimmer shadow in the inner corners of the eye and towards the nose, to add highlight. Next, take a taupe shadow and cover the lid up to the socket, using a blending brush to soften any harsh lines. Finally use a darker brown or black shade to contour the socket line and to add depth and more drama to the eye.

3. Take a black eyeliner and draw a thick line from one corner to the next, kicking the line upwards at the ends. C
url lashes with an eyelash curler, and then coat the lashes with a couple of coats of black mascara.

4. Lashes are key to this look. Add a full set of fake lashes on the top lash line, choosing ones that are slightly longer at the outer corners to give your eyes that lift.

5. For the brows, use a sharpened eyebrow pencil and define the eyebrows. Keep brushing the brows up and enhance the shape to make it more of a strong feature — think Brooke Shields brows!

6. To give the cheeks a sculptured look, use a tan contour powder and brush it just under the cheekbones, sweeping the brush up to the top of the ears. Never brush your powder downwards, always upwards, so as to stop the contour from going too far down the cheek. 

7. Apply highlighter on the top of the cheekbones and in middle of the nose and browbones, to catch the light naturally. Finally 
dust a light transparent powder all over the face to set the makeup and to keep the face more matte. Finish with a nude, matte lipstick, and you're done.


Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil
This is a great eyebrow pencil as it's nice and soft to apply, and it comes in so many different shades. With it being waterproof, you don't have to worry about your perfectly-shaped brows disappearing haflway through the day.

Dior 5 Couleurs Designer Shadow in 708 Amber Design
This stunning palette is a must as it's all you need in one — as it has the base, the contour the highlighter and even a black shade to deepen the shadow for a more intense look, or to be used as a liner. The texture just glides on to the lid and the pigments are punchy. The colours are insane.

Nars Contour Blush in Olympia

This duo has the highlight and a deeper shade to sculpt the face where it's needed. The fine powder blends in to the skin, giving your contouring a natural yet defined look.

The makeup at Max Mara's show really stood out for me, as the makeup artists used such bright colour. It was eye catching and really made an impact on the show. It's always nice for a little drama in a makeup look. The look was also about balance though, so eveything else was kept natural.

Max Mara
How to: 

1. Start by applying a light foundation all over the face, 
concealing in the areas that need it.

2. Next choose two cream eyeshadow colours and apply a small amount to the back of your hand. This will be your work palette.

3. Take a large, flat brush and dip it in to the first bright colour. Use the flat edge and swipe it from the top of the cheekbone to the ear. C
lean the brush, then do the same again with a different colour just above where you placed the colour. The great thing about this look is that all rules go out the window... so go to town!

4. To finish, take a little lip stain and dot a little in the apples of the cheek and blend it in. Use the same stain on the lips for a natural flush of colour


Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream Waterproof Cream Color
The bright, intense colours are perfect for this look, they are easy to apply and blend really well, there are lots of colours to choose from so can go wild with your creative edge!

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
This iconic lightweight foundation comes in 24 shades so there's a colour match for every skin tone. It really does feel like you are applying silk to you face, so it never feels like you are wearing anything at all.

Becca Beach Tint in Watermelon
This is a great two-in-one — a stain that works wonders on your lips but also doubles up as a blush. The colour gives a flush of colour, and it's water resistant so it won't come off easily. 

Alexander Wang's inspiration for his show was the just-got-back-from-a-long-holiday look. The makeup was fresh, bronzed and healthy, with not an imperfection in sight.

Alexander Wang

How to: 

1. Start by adding a little luminizer in your face cream and massage it all over the face — this will give you skin a nice smooth base for your foundation.

2. Apply your foundation all over the face using either a brush, sponge or fingers, making sure to always blend around the jaw and neck area. Then add concealer where needed.

3. Brush up the brows but keep them natural. T
ake a large powder brush and dust bronzer over the face, making sure you remove all the excess. You don't want orange face gone wrong!

4. Take a contour brush and with the same bronzer, brush it up along the bottom of your cheekbones to give a little contouring finish.

5. Next, add a peachy blush to the apples of the cheeks to make them appear flushed, but not overdone.

6. Add just one coat of brown mascara to the top lashes and 
finish with a little lip balm over the lips to give a sheen.


Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation
This foundation is my fave at the moment. I use it on my own face, as it gives even the most tired skin radiance. It gives skin enough coverage, but still keeps it looking like you're not wearing anything at all. The soft texture melts into the face, and is also has an SPF of 25 which is great for the harsh sun in Singapore, so it's protecting you as well as giving you that healthy glow.

M.A.C Powder Blush in Melba
This finely-powdered, matte blush blends on the face so well, giving you really natural flushed cheeks — you can also build up the colour for a more intense look. This shade pretty much works on any skin tone, so it's a must have for anyone's makeup bag.

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