Beauty how-to: SS17 best hair trends

Beauty how-to: SS17 best hair trends

Wear it your way

Text: Emma Haddock

Buro's hair expert picks her top three hair looks from the recent Spring/Summer 2017 shows and gives you the lowdown on how to style these 'dos at home. Plus she gives us her best product picks

Hair had a lot of direction this season, and I really loved that each designer went for their own unique style. While it can be difficult reinventing the wheel completely each new season, it's always nice to see little twists and points of interest we can add to our everyday styles to update them and add a bit of texture and personality. From the chilled surfer chick at Alexander Wang to the sleek and super polished style shown at Balmain there were plenty of 'dos worth copying. However, here are my three, absolute favourite picks from the the shows.

Simone Rocha really had feminine vibes pumping thoughout her collection this season and it was also followed though in the girlish plaits worn by her models. I love that the hair was left wet-looking which has a slight edge to the look.
Simone Rocha 
How to:

1. It's best to start this look when you have just washed you hair and it's wet. Towel dry to get the excess water out and 
spray in a good leave-in conditioner though the hair, brushing out any knots.

2. Mix together in the palm o
f your hands a 10 cent-sized amount each of a wet gel and a styling cream. This 'bespoke' combo will work well to hold the plaits in place, smooth any flyaways and keep the hair looking wet.

3. Take a fine toothed comb and run it along the hairline around the face, taking out a few wispy pieces and leaving them out. Comb the rest of the hair back off the face, and divide the hair in two, by taking the parting in the middle and following that line to the nape of the neck — thus creating two, new sections.

4. Take one of the sections and comb it back into a pony tail at the back of the head, securing it with a thin band. D
o the same on the other side — so you now have two pigtails.

5. Take a small amount more of gel and run though each ponytail, then
 divide one of the ponytails into three sections and braid it into a very tight plait. Repeat on the other side and secure the ends with a rubber band.

6. Finally, with your fine-toothed comb, comb the loose strands flat to the head and smooth them around your face — styling them as you wish.


Bumble and bumble. 
This is a great gel as you get the look of a wet gel but you have a softness to it that allows you to sculpt and move the hair where you wish. Once it starts to dry it will hold hair in place — yet a small amount goes a long way.

Smooth Infusion Nourishing Styling Crème
This lightweight styling cream will not leave the hair feeling greasy or heavy, and can be used to help straighten frizzy hair or to tame out-of-control curls. After using this, hair will look shiny and smooth.

Joico D
aily Care Leave-In Detangler
This award winning detangler has a smell that is off the charts and will make people turn their heads. It's so lightweight, yet it will get even the most tangled manes knot-free, leaving hair silky, shiny and soft.

This sexy, textured Brigitte Bardot-inspired look with an '80s twist was hot, hot, hot! This hairstyle's unexpected combination of unstructured waves and height really was a favourite of mine.
Anna Sui
How to:

1. Start by adding
  a little beach spray at the roots, and then rough blow dry your hair with your head upside down to create a little body and some light texture.

2. Next, take a large curling tong and wrap large sections of hair around the wand, spraying each section with a setting spray first. Remember that you
 are not after a full curl, but a very unstructured wave.

3. Once you have the texture you're after, tip your head upside down again and spray a dry texture spray from the roots to the mid-lengths.

4. T
ip your head back up and part hair on the side, then backcomb the crown quite firmly, to give hair that beehive effect.

5. Take the hair half up and half down, making sure not to brush out too much of the backcombing and secure it with pins at the back, pulling out a few soft strands around the face. F
inish with a light mist of hairspray.


This hair magic in a can is my go-to product at the moment, and I love, love, love it. It's a dry texture spray that gives even the most fine, limp hair amazing volume, texture and hold all at once.

Matrix  Biolage Styling 
Thermal Active Setting Spray
Any shape you want to achieve with heat... this is the product for you. It's heat-activated solution means that when you tong or straighten the hair, it will hold the shape, and leave the hair protected, strong and smooth, for a long lasting style.

Percy & Reed Reassuringly 
Firm Session Hold Hairspray
I work with this spray a lot, as I love that it holds the hair firmly, but if you want to change a look you can brush it out quickly and it does not leave the hair looking and feeling like it has heaps of product in it. This is really natural to the touch but can keep even the most out-there styles firmly in place.


Sophistication was key for this elegant look. With this super sleek and shiny style, the models graced the show literally without a hair out of place.
Carolina Herrera

How to:

1. Start with freshly-washed hair, and spray a detangler evenly through the hair and comb through. Next, add a
 small amount of smoothing cream through the hair.

2. Take a comb and brush all the hair
 off your face. Next blowdry the hair straight using a large round brush, being sure to keep all the hair off your face.

3. Once tresses are dry,
 run a straightening iron over your strands to give a really polished look. Then take a tail comb and section hair from the end of eyebrows towards the crown of the head. After sectioning this off, clip that piece away.

4. Next,
 section the two side portion from the top section to the back of the ears. Section both parts off with clips.

5. If you've done things right, you should be left with
three sections: the front and two sides, with some unsectioned hair left loose at the back.

6. T
ake the top section and slightly backcomb the roots, spraying a little hairspray for hold, but brushing it out so it's still smooth, but has a little height. Next, take both the side sections down and pull both of them back to meet in the middle of the head. Fold one section into the other and pin the ends away with bobby pins — this will create a fold with no ends.

7. B
rush the rest of the hair smooth at the back and finish with a light spray  of shine spray 



L'Oréal Professionnel Hair 
Mix Supreme Smooth

I use this on a lot of my clients as it's so light but can smooth down even the most frizzy hair, leaving it super soft, shiny and hydrated — so it never looks dry.

Redken F
rizz Dismiss FPF 20 Smooth Force Lightweight Smoothing Lotion Spray

This whole range is awesome, it's so good for the Singapore climate as it really targets frizz. This spray is great when you've just washed your hair to detangle any knots, while at the same time it will help control frizz and smooth the hair. It also has a humidity and heat protection element added to it.


It's sparkle in a bottle. This makes even the dullest hair come to life, but is not oily. It will work wonders for your hair as it has repairing and antioxidants ingredients and essential oils which leave your tresses smelling divine.