Beauty how-to: FW17 best hair trends

Beauty how-to: FW17 best hair trends

Whip your hair back and forth

Text: Emma Haddock

Buro's hair expert picks her top three looks from the recent Fall/Winter 2017 shows and gives you the lowdown on her tips and styling products to nail these looks

The recent fall/winter runways really got me inspired and excited about hair all over again. I love change and the runway really did show that both with exciting new iterations and lots of inventive and versatile styles. One minute it was edgy punk, the next the classic beauty look seen at the Chanel show. Every designer brought a different twist and some even showed us new ways to perfect old styles. Whether you're going for something ladylike or something more adventurous, make sure you keep your eyes peeled on the runways to get hair inspiration. Here are my top three hair looks this fall.

I love the softness of this look... it's very feminine. This romantic and textured style complemented the clothes on the runway so well, and is a look that can be done on different hair lengths, so its unexpectedly versatile.

Huishan Zhang
How to:

1. Start by adding some texture spray to damp hair. Next tip your head upside down and rough dry your hair, as you want a rought texture, not something that is too smoth and perfect.

2. Once hair is dry, spray at the roots with a dry shampoo to give body and texture, without weighing the hair down.

3. Next decide on the part,and start to twist hair in small sections off the face and towards the back of the head, leaving out a few stray pieces around the hair line to add to the softness.

4. Once the front is twisted back, take  small sections and keep twisting each section back on itsself to form  a knot shape and then secure with a bobbi pin.Keep doing this to the whole of the back section, and you'll create a bun-like shape made of lots of loose, messy knots.

5. Leave a
 few soft strands out around the nape of the neck to give a romantic, loose look. Finish off with a little bit of light hairspray.


Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo
It's great on all types of hair and helps to eliminate any oil at the roots, so it will give hair more root lift. I love to build this product up on the hair to give raw dry texture and volume and it smells amazing too.

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dry Spray
This spray will work on all hair textures, and it will help eliminate any oil at the roots. Work it into the hair to build up volume. It leaves a raw texture and matte finish.

This polished look was elegant yet slightly edgy at the same time. I love especially that there are really two, different looks on each side of the head: it's ladylike versus trend-setting.

David Koma
How to:

1. Start applying smoothing cream to wet hair and comb though. Then, take a comb and make a very low, deep side part, on either side of the head.

2. Section the side where the part goes over the most and clip it away.

3. With the smaller section that's left, use a tail comb to create a very thin section of hair close to the hairline, then section this small section into three parts. Begin under-plaiting.

4. Take very small sections and rather than bringing each section over each other, go under instead. This will make the hair stand out from the head rather than lie flat.

5. Keeping each section tight, follow the plait the whole way back to the nape of the neck and plait till the hair runs out, securing with a thin elastic.

6. Spray hair with a light gel spray. If any stray hairs should fall out, this will keep the hair a little shiny and wet looking.

7. Now let out the other, larger section  and blowdry hair to the side, making sure it is smooth and flat against the head with no body. Once it's dry, go over again with a shine spray and use a flat iron to give a polished finish, tucking it behind your ear to mimic the look perfectly.


ghd Platinum Styler
This straightener will help smooth even the most frizzy of hair. The styler is very sleek and with its high-gloss coating plates, it allows effortless gliding through the hair to deliver a smoother, more frizz-free finish.

Kevin.Murphy Shimmer.shine
This little bottle of (liquid) gold does not just give hair an amazing high shine, it also treats the hair with rich antioxidants to help stop further damage. It also has the most beautiful smell — I would wear it as a perfume!

This is a very modern twist on a 1940s pin-up meets schoolgirl look. I like that it looks effortless and undone while complementing the more dramatic makeup on show.
Anna Sui
How to:

1. Start with wet hair and comb though some texturising mousse. Then use a comb and place a centre part.

2. If your hair has a slight wave, roughly dry the hair to keep the loose texture.

3. If you have straight hair, blowdry hair then use a large tong to place a slight bend in the hair, — not a curl or wave just a bend  — and make sure to keep it very random! Use a setting spray to hold the wave.

4. Next, use a tail comb and take a section from the centrepart to the end of your eyebrow,  taking the hair back to the crown of the head.

5. Take that section and roll the hair inwards towards the centrepart, pinning in place. Using the end of the hair, knot it and leave a few loose bits out,

6. Do the same to the other side, and use the same technique, but do roll it  the other way towards the centre line.

7. Finally use bobbi pins to secure the topknots. Tip: Use the same colour pins as your hair hue, so they don't show up.


Oribe Surfcomber Tousled Texture Mousse
This mousse is great for any textured look — it will hold the hair without leaving it hard or sticky. The best part is that it holds the shape you dry it in, but in a natural way. It is weightless and leaves hair feeling amazing and shiny, plus it has in-built UV protection.

Matrix Biolage Thermal-Active Setting Spray
This spray has a heat-activated solution that has a 'memory' so that once it is heated and cooled down it will help hold the hair in any shape you put it in! It leaves your hair smooth and shiny and your bouncy curls will last all night.