New-in beauty gadgets to elevate your skincare routine

New-in beauty gadgets to elevate your skincare routine

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

From the ultimate cleanse to slowing down the ageing process, step up your beauty game with these technology-powered devices

There's no stopping the integration of technology into our lives. We live and breathe social media, get our eats and entertainment via apps, and pretty much sync our existence to our smartphones and/or smartwatches. Now it seems even the beauty industry has solidly jumped aboard the tech train with the emergence of brands specialising entirely on gadgets. While Clarisonic is probably the first name on the tip of everyone's tongue, there's since been more players on the scene you ought to get familiar with. It's time to hit the upgrade button with these new devices:

ReFa Clear, $360
All hail Japanese ingenuity as ReFa adds an innovative cleansing device to its lineup of luxe beauty tools. Utilising 3D sonic ion technology — the first of its kind in the world — this smart tool achieves a thorough and gentle cleanse by removing trapped impurities (which are negatively charged) with positive ions that will 'lift' the dirt, sebum and dead skin from your pores. Pair it with the ReFa Cream Wash for squeaky, shiny clean and chances are you'll never go back to cleansing with your hands again.

ReFa Clear

Foreo Luna Play Plus, $79
It may look the same, but rest-assured it's new tech. Debuting an improved pulsation technology with their signature silicone touch-point design, this upgraded Luna delivers an intense clean for oily-prone skin and is also better equipped to get those hard-to-reach areas. And with a tagline that says 'tiny but mighty', this is the perfect cleansing device to take away on trips so you never have to compromise on clean.

Foreo Luna Play Plus

YA-MAN RF Beaute Photo-Plus, S$539
Okay, why have we never heard of this amazing 5-in-1 thingamajig that targets skin concerns like dehydration and anti-ageing? Its multi-functional specs include radio frequency, electrical muscle stimulation and red LED to spot treat the pesky signs of ageing such as sagging, fine lines and wrinkles, and is a best seller in its home market of Japan. Soon to retail locally, expect professional-grade treatments (and results, we're hoping) in the comfort and convenience of your home.

Ya-man RF Beaute Photo Plus