Five beauty bloggers, vloggers and influencers who have their own lines

Five beauty bloggers, vloggers and influencers who have their own lines

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

Not your run-of-the-mill beauty influencers, these five ladies have gone on to create their legacy by way of makeup products that bear their names

Does scrolling through your Youtube feed turn up a plethora of beauty bloggers and vloggers recommended by an omniscient algorithm? If the answer is yes, we're right there with you. Binge-watching beauty videos and tutorials aside, some of these influencers have risen above the rest with their distinctive style, personable attitudes and genuine beauty-cred.

Amassing a legion of followers and fans, they're encroaching into superstar territory armed with their arsenal of makeup know-how and cool-girl status. Indeed, what else is next but to jump-start their very own beauty empire? Combining their vast experience trying and testing numerous products with a fresh ingenuity and an insatiable passion for makeup, these five entrepreneurial names are the ones to stash your beauty bag with.

WHO: Tanya Burr
CLAIM TO FAME: Fashion and beauty vlogger, blogger, make-up artist and author with 3.2 million subscribers to her YouTube channel as of this January

With a following that rivals the population of a small country, Tanya Burr launched her own line in 2014 called Tanya Burr Cosmetics. Originally a brand that started with a series of false eyelashes, she has since gone on to expand widely, encompassing everything from lips to nails, eyeshadows sets and brow kits. Cult products include the high shine, rich crème lipgloss in the shade Lunch Date and any number of her chip resistant nail polishes that span the colour spectrum for a full lacquer wardrobe. We sense an oncoming beauty haul.

WHO: Emily Weiss
CLAIM TO FAME: Former Vogue fashion assistant who went on to realise her love for beauty by founding the groundbreaking site Into the Gloss. Yes, you know the one

A one-woman revolution, Emily Weiss is one of the Internet's colossal success stories whose site rakes in viewership by the millions. A veritable online beauty sutra for women the world over, Weiss branched out with her own makeup and skincare brand, Glossier; just four years after the site took off. Having interviewed the busy beauty mogul last year, we can safely say Glossier is the new-gen skincare essentials to stock on your bathroom counter. Highly raved, the Milky Jelly Cleanser and the hydrating Priming Moisturiser are the must-try must-haves.

WHO: Fleur de Force
CLAIM TO FAME: A beauty and fashion vlogger with three YouTube channels that have more than 1.9 million subscribers and 170 million page views combined

A beauty guru who stumbled onto vlogging by an odd stroke of fate — it was Taylor Swift's candid answer in an interview where she said she watched makeup tutorials in her free time that spurred de Force — her site is now flagged as part of the UK's StyleHaul network. A fairly recent launch, her eponymous makeup line is still growing into its shoes though her pigmented lip lacquers have already gained traction among fans and makeup addicts. In addition to her burgeoning beauty brand, she has also released her first book The Glam Guide that covers everything you need to know about looking fabulous, as well as tips and advice on keeping fit and on relationships.

WHO: Olivia Palermo
CLAIM TO FAME: Celebrated street style star, part-time model and fashion blogger with a host of credits such as appearances on Project Runway and Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model as a guest judge

Certainly a familiar face on the fashion week circuits, Olivia Palermo is a former socialite who skillfully parlayed her fame into a successful career as a fashion and travel writer, including stints as an intern at Quest publication and a guest editor at While fashion will always be her raison d'être, women everywhere look to Palermo equally for her style and her makeup looks, clamouring for the writer-model hyphenate's beauty secrets that led to her collaboration with makeup brand Ciaté London. A curated edit of products that Palermo herself uses, the collection boasts a superb formula across the board and luxe packaging for keeps.

WHO: Kylie Jenner
CLAIM TO FAME: One-fifth of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters with a mammoth Instagram following, enough said

Who could ever forget when news of the Kylie Lip Kit launched and the sheer volume of traffic broke the Internet? Fast-forward several months and the craze hasn't abated any, proving the power of King Kylie and her trendsetting beauty (the 90s' brown lip, anyone?). Not including her own budding cosmetics line, Kylie also has a collaboration with Sinful Colors that comprises a 20-piece nail polish collection. With news of fresh Kylie Lip Kit colours in the works — among other makeup products — this is one Jenner to keep tabs on.

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