Banana-enriched beauty treats for the skin, face and hair

Banana-enriched beauty treats for the skin, face and hair

Fruity appeal

Text: Renée Batchelor

First it was the avocado and now it's the humble banana that is being elevated to 'it' fruit status. Check out these ripe pickings

In the world of fashion and beauty trends, even fruits have their day in the sun. One day you're in, the next there's a new fruit in town. The humble banana is the fruit du jour and there's a new collection from The Body Shop to prove it. The limited edition, 100 percent vegan collection slathers not just the skin, but the face and even your hair with the goodness of bananas. Blending together the aroma of ripe banana with sweet banana leaves and the (always trendy) coconut, the brand has created a truly tempting Banana Body Yogurt. Resist the urge to spoon this straight into your mouth because — disclaimer — it isn't edible. Whipped up with organic almond milk and banana puree from Ecuador, this lightweight gel-cream hydrates and nourishes skin faster than you can say 'banana split.' 

The Body Shop Banana Body Yogurt, $20

If it's your tresses that's in need of some TLC, The Body Shop has a Banana Truly Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner duo that will leave hair shiny and soft. Bonus points for the fact that these haircare products reduce food wastage, by using bananas that can't be sold to the food industry as they're the 'wrong' shape and size. The community trade organic banana puree that is used to create these products are sustainably sourced from El Guabo, Ecuador. The Body Shop pays small-scale farmers a fair price for their banana fruit, that helps them compete with the big guns. You'll also find bananas in top notch skincare, like Clarins' Extra-Firming range and the brand's iconic Double Serum. What does this humble fruit do? Organic green banana is used in the formulas to promote the synthesis of collagen and help replenish the skin.