Audio review: Tracing Zendaya's brow evolution

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Text: Renée Batchelor

We've got a new brow hero: Singer and actress Zendaya. The Buro beauty team dissects, discusses and dishes on how her brow game has subtly changed over the years

Zendaya is a beauty experimentalist who has flown under the radar. Just look at any of our best of beauty lists and you're bound to find her popping up, perhaps in a bowl cut or short blonde wig, sporting flowing tresses or maybe even in an Afro. Another surprise? According to Zendaya, she does a lot of her own red carpet makeup looks and we couldn't help but notice that her brows are always on fleek, whether she's going for bold and almost bushy look or for a sophisticated, ombré option. Zendaya is the ultimate beauty chameleon for her generation. Listen to our chat on what we love most about her brow risks and how it's likely she achieves these subtle effects, and then scroll the gallery below to check out some of her best brow looks.

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