Lip hacks on how to get Amandla Stenberg’s blue pout

Lip hacks on how to get Amandla Stenberg’s blue pout

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Text: Angelyn Kwek


The lip hacks you need to nail the blue lip look Amandla Stenberg was rocking at the MTV Movie Awards

She may be known for darting around a post-apocalyptic terrain in athletic gear and a death scene that has etched itself into the minds of the younger, impressionable generations, but Amandla Stenberg has since cleaned up nice. Fresh off the red carpet at the recent MTV Movie Awards with a strikingly blue lip, hers was a look that was minimalist yet daring (plus an oh-so-trending buzzcut), and was one that got us dying to break out the navy lipsticks. But a simple slick-on won't cut it when it comes to avant-garde shades. There's a method to the makeup if you don't want your cool blue kissers to end up a hot patchy mess. Fret not though; we've got a handful of lip hacks to keep your pout in tip-top, freshly applied condition just for the occasion. Skip a step, and you'll rue the day you decided to go without (see what we did there?)

Make your kissers nice and smooth by starting off with a lip scrub to exfoliate any dead skin or dry patches. This will give a fresh layer that'll make it easier for the colour to glide on.

Possibly the most neglected step ever, using a lip primer will actually intensify the hue of the lipstick, on top of prolonging its staying power. Think eyeshadow primer — which every makeup junkie swears by — but for the lips instead.

Amandla Stenberg blue lip look

We know, you're indignantly asking, 'where on earth do you find blue lipliner?' but it's not as rare as it used to. Kat von D's launched a lip liner range in her popular Everlasting formula with 30 shades, including two different hues of blue. No lip colour will ever feather again.

The star of the show, options now range anywhere from super-matte finishes to softer, creamier textures. Whatever your preference, you'll be covered with these lipsticks: