All is white: The new Chanel Le Blanc range

All is white: The new Chanel Le Blanc range

Lighten up

Text: Renée Batchelor

If you're looking for a minimalist skincare regimen that brightens your skin and maintains its health, Chanel's newest additions are worth a try

There are a lot of different brightening skincare out there, and it can get confusing picking the best from the rest. So that's where other factors like how intricate you want your skincare routine to be, and how much you care about the sensorial aspects come to play. Chanel has been quietly building up its Le Blanc range and now have harnessed the power of a new, precious ume flower extract to deliver on the promise of a fresh and radiant complexion. The Nanko Ume trees are carefully cultivated in a special region of Japan and handpicked before undergoing an intensive, 3-week extraction process to obtain a pure and potent ume flower extract. This active ingredient stimulates a protein in the skin called the 'cellular guardian', so that it helps repair damaged skin and promote its health and luminosity.
 Le Blanc Healthy Light Creator Oil $177 and Le Blanc Masque, $133

The brand is also focusing on the sensorial aspects, so you will see more developed application rituals as well as beautiful textures that sink into the skin. The first major addition is the Le Blanc Huile a nourishing, yet silky-textured oil that helps bring out the skin's translucency and brightness. The ume flower oil leaves the skin with a strengthened, lipid barrier and boosts hydration so skin is soft and supple. The other accompanying skincare product is the Le Blanc Masque, a sleeping mask that cools down the skin's temperature — perfect for the hot nights ahead — and floods it with a boost of moisturise. Wake up with plumped up, well-rested and brightened skin.

From $133 to $177. Available from 25 January at Chanel Fragrance and Beauty Boutiques