Trending now: That ‘60s eye makeup

Trending now: That ‘60s eye makeup

Teal the scene

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Take some makeup pointers from these celebrities and work a bold teal eye look à la the swinging sixties

We love ourselves a modern minimalist look like the ones debuted by the superheroines at the recent Comic Con, but every now and again the occasion calls for some drama. Nothing like drag queen Becca D'Bus' OTT brand of beauty — though it's certainly a process in makeup art we can appreciate — but a daring splash of unexpected colour certainly goes a long way in making a look pop.

Just take a gander at the era of Twiggy domination, which set the stage for teased bobs, hair-raising bouffants, and pop art eyeshadow, for an idea of how to go big and bold. In fact, this '60s throwback beauty moment is making the rounds on the celeb circuit, with stars like Lily Collins and Rihanna debuting shades of teal and turquoise on their eyelids, replete with spidery lashes and cat-eye liner. And ICYMI, RiRi totally foreshadowed this shade as the next trending colour in her Moroccan Spice collection.


But if you can't justify an entire palette just to own the shade, here are some other green-blue options from pressed powder to cream finishes you can pick up to inject some '60s vibes into your everyday look. Also, don't forget them Twiggy-inspired lashes.

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