5 summer-ready manicures to try

5 summer-ready manicures to try

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Image: Instagram: @sasskias

Summer is here and it's time to get a seasonal-appropriate manicure that is quirky, cute and charming

We love nail art but at the same time we have a complicated relationship with it. Too much and it looks tacky, and while the trending talon manicure looks fabulous on the red carpet, it can be a tad too glamorous for everyday life. Enter these sweet, simple and fresh manicures based off typical summer tropes: Think flowers, fruits and flamingos. Treat yourself to a playful manicure that eschews sophistication for something fun and flirtatious.

Flowers can be a bit of a nail art cliche especially in Singapore, but sweet and simple daisies on bare nails hit the right note.


There's a reason the watermelon manicure is so popular. The bright hues and cute patterns are ripe for interpretation.


You can't go wrong with colour blocks, stripes and dots for a touch of whimsy and a manicure that matches everything you wear.


Nothing says summer like these pink birds lounging in a pool of water. These flamingo nails which will complement a retro bikini and heart-shaped sunnies perfectly.


Simple, precise and in soft, pastel shades these minimalist nails are summer-appropriate yet fashion forward.