5 metallic nail art trends to try

5 metallic nail art trends to try

Heavy metal

Text: Renée Batchelor

If you want a nail look that's not too cutesy, precious and looks good no matter the occasion, a metallic manicure is the way to go

When it comes to heavy metal, music is not the only way to show your love for metallics. Metallic manicures, whether in light accents or full-on shine are a cool and timeless way to don nail art. Unlike pastel designs, they don't have a cutesy side to them, and if you're a professional (or a grown adult) you probably wouldn't be caught dead with a cartoon or video game character on your digits. We trawled through Instagram for inspiration, and here are five novel, wearable ways to wear metals on your nails.

Nails that resemble the cosmos look best in rich, metallic shades like midnight blue, purple, as well as silver.

| @nail_by_sian |
We're digging these nails that look like pieces of tinfoil were randomly stuck on bare nails — in bright metallic shades of hot pink, blue and gold. It's perfect for the girl who doesn't want a picture perfect manicure, but still wants something pretty.

| @manicurious |

We love pure white nails, as they look so chic. But mixing them silver nail lends a clean, minimalist and futuristic edge to your mani with minimal effort.

| @gianna_jentile |

If you're not big on metals, you can try a tiny touch. This gorgeous and graphic manicure has colourful metallic dots that look like jewelled accents.

| @buybunbun |

Go full Ariel with a beautful manicure inspired by the gleaming, iridescent scales on a mermaid's tail. This one even has 3D accents like stick-on pearls and shells for that full beach babe effect.

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