What is a moisture sandwich? Everything you need to know about this skin hydration hack

What is a moisture sandwich? Everything you need to know about this skin hydration hack

Stack 'em

Text: Jean Chua

Editor: Emily Heng

It seems the beauty lexicon has gained a new addition in recent times: moisture sandwich. Repress a shudder at the sound of 'moist', folks — this skincare hack has been garnering rave reviews, where even those most averse to the word have been overlooking it in the pursuit of good skin. And in case you were wondering: no, it doesn't involve bread. Rather, it allows users to hydrate severely parched, dehydrated complexions; a stacking technique to trap moisture within your mien. Intrigued? We certainly are. Read on to get the lowdown on this buzzy new phrase.

So, what is a moisture sandwich?

The unique term originated from Reddit, and refers to the strategic stacking of your skincare products. How it works is that you have to first apply lighter products with a more watery consistency on damp skin. Follow it up by layering something thicker on top after that. This, thus, allows the water from the first product to get absorbed into the skin for a longer period of time, where moisture is entrapped in the skin so your complexion can truly reap the benefits. And so, the moisture sandwich was born.


How do you create a moisture sandwich?

The moisture sandwich method is applied differently for each area of your moneymaker. If you're targeting your lips, dampen your mouth first with water, before applying a thin coat of moisturiser. You can then finish it off with a thick, nourishing lip balm. As for your face, begin by dampening your skin first with mist or water before you layer it with a moisturiser. Acne-prone peeps — be warned that you might want to think twice before reaching for thick creams like Vaseline, as it might cause a breakout. As for those with dry skin, you could opt for a face oil and finish off with a balm, instead.

What are the benefits of adopting this hack?

By using this method, you'll be better able to trap the moisture in your skin for optimal product penetration. In short, it'll bring you one step closer to acquiring the dewy, glowing visage of dreams. Furthermore, pairing this layering technique with makeup will also allow you to get that golden hour glow you're clamouring for.


What are some precautions to know of before attempting this?

Do not use this method with products containing retinol, exfoliating acids, or anything that can cause skin irritation and inflammation. It should also be known that Vaseline — while a popular moisturising option — can also trap sebum, dead skin, and bacteria, thus leading to skin reactions and pimple growth.