Here are 3 interesting things you could be doing for your complexion besides just using skincare

Here are 3 interesting things you could be doing for your complexion besides just using skincare

Boost skin from within

Text: Renée Batchelor

If you've done a lot for your skin — from face creams to regular lasers — but want an even better result, try these new alternatives

Good skin comes from within. Which means that everything from your diet, — less sugar and Coke ladies — how many cigarettes you smoke, and how much sun you expose your skin to can affect the beauty of your skin. We know this in theory, but practicing it every day is a whole other ball game. So many of us slap on our moisturisers, do the occasional paper mask and apply our sunscreen (most of the time) and hope for the best. Here's what you could actually be doing for your skin to see improvement in the long-term.

Did you know that the Hyflux group has been making a form of oxygen-rich water right here in Singapore? Called ELO Water, according to the company, "It has been tested to produce a measurable increase in tissue oxygen levels," and is available for purchase from its website. The catch? You have to drink this every day (every two hours is recommended) for at least three months to see some effect, although clinical trials on this have not been done yet. 

The idea is that more oxygen in your cells will result in better cell renewal and overall health... and better skin as well. The brand also produces skincare products that contain the ELO Water, including a multi-purpose ELO Gel+ that acts like a booster for more youthful, radiant skin. We've used the gel, and though it can be a bit sticky at first, we were impressed with how it soothed and calmed our acne-prone skin.
ELO Water is available from their website. Selected ELO skincare is available from Acclaro Clinic.

ELO Water, from $32 for 12 bottles

Hands up if you (kinda) use sunscreen? You know, what we mean. Do you apply it on your face, and maybe your neck, once in the morning, not touch-up despite the sweltering heat when you grab your lunch and not bother apply it on your exposed arms and legs 'cos sun exposure is just incidental? We think we have a cool product that you (or perhaps your partner) might love.

Klenskin makes a Shower On Sunscreen that is used like a shower gel and is applied on your skin during a shower. We've tried this and it's super simple to use. Just apply to wet skin, work up a lather for two minutes, rinse, and pat dry. It provides broad spectrum SPF that guards against UVA and UVB radiation, and is water resistant for 80 minutes. The key ingredients? Avobenzone, octocrylene, and octinoxate that are encapsulated using a unique, QuantaSphere technology which thankfully, doesn't leave a greasy, after-feel. Available from Acclaro Clinic

Klenskin Shower On Suscreen
We've all heard about eating for your skin — the usual fruits, greens and omegas — but have you ever thought about taking supplements for your skin beyond the usual oral sunscreens and those to help your hair and nails grow? Besides brands like Imedeen, which offer anti-ageing ingredients and collagen in tablet form, consider options like Duolac Derma, a Korean-made brand of probiotics that can also help balance and normalise the skin.
Available from Acclaro Clinic

Duolac Dema