The single girl’s self-care routine: Best masks, oils, and serums for flawless skin and hair

The single girl’s self-care routine: Best masks, oils, and serums for flawless skin and hair

Fancy that

Text: Emily Heng

If your plans for 14 February bear an uncanny resemblance to the scene in Legally Blonde where Elle Woods flings a box of truffles at her TV screen yelling "liar", we're here to tell you to stahp — and to reconsider your priorities. The biggest one, obviously, is taking the time out to care for the most important person in the room: you (duh).

Seriously, as tempting as wallowing in a pity party sounds, it's a lot more productive to turn it around into a pamper sesh. That way, you'll emerge looking — and feeling — better, brighter, and more well-rested the next day when your pesky colleague inevitably makes a dig about your single status. And trust us, the odds of you having a sassy comeback to that is heightened when you're sporting a glow to rival Beyoncé's on the red carpet. Still with us? Good. Below, a step-by-step guide on how to treat yo' self this V-Day.

Luxuriate in the tub with a soothing, fragrant bath bomb.

A good soak is all you need to start the day right, so be sure to elevate the experience further by dropping a bath bomb in the mix. Opt for one with a fresh, vibrant scent to lift your spirits, such as Ouai's Chill Pills. Or, perhaps try one that comes in an Instagram-worthy swirl of colours perfect for showing off on IG Story. Failing that, for those without a tub...


Kick back with a massage bar.

Moisturising properties aside, massage bars also come with the added benefit of scenting your skin with a delicious scent sure to linger for hours on end. And considering how you'll have no one else for company but, well, yourself, for the rest of the day, it's best that you smell petal-fresh for the sake of your olfactory organs. This cheeky pick by Lush is a safe bet, where gliding it over your skin leaves a trail of soft, sultry jasmine in its wake.


Drench your locks in a healthy helping of hair oil.

Make sure your mane gets in on the glow up too. No matter if it's dry, limp, or lacklustre, a healing, hydrating oil should do the trick and restore it to its former glory. The OGX Argan Oil Of Morocco Penetrating Oil is a safe bet, seeping and penetrating the deeper layers of hair to grant shine and silky-soft strands. Apply a few drops to damp locks, comb is through with your fingers, and seal it all in by putting your mop up in a towel.


Slather your face in a radiance-granting, contouring serum.

We hate to break it to you, but all that snacking and slouching about while waiting for that hair oil to work its magic could leave you with a bloated visage and tired-looking skin. Yes, it's all that sodium and sugar at work. Still, with that being said, don't fret all too much because it's nothing a good serum can't fix. Our pick: the Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Pure Shots Y Shape Serum, which is infused with firming barbary fig alongside revolutionary microemulsion technology that gives brighter, more luminous skin than before. Apply a generous amount, and let it sink into skin before moving onto the next step.


Slip on a sleeping mask.

Not the kind that shields your peepers from the blinding sun rays, mind, but rather, a concoction designed to do everything from reviving to hydrating your complexion as you slumber. We like the Farmacy Beauty Sleep Tight Firming Night Balm, a light-as-air oil-gel that comes with potent retinoids to boost skin brilliance while banishing fine lines and wrinkles in the same breath.