The only facial essence you’ll ever need according to celebrity comedian extraordinaire, James Corden

The only facial essence you’ll ever need according to celebrity comedian extraordinaire, James Corden

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Text: Emily Heng

Beauty campaigns have been a rather cut-and-dried affair in the past decade or so. Airbrushed ads, retouched models, and celebrity ambassadors serve as the norm, all of which — while visually alluring — can often feel alienating.

It is not often that brands choose to break the mold, so when it does, we take notice. SK-II's Bare Skin Chat, a web series hosted by James Corden and Chloe Grace Mortez is reshaping the skincare narrative. Addressing everything from their must-have product — spoiler alert: it's SK-II's Pitera Essence, aka Facial Treatment Essence — to how to use it via tap dance sequences and ASMR, the duo gives us the lowdown on all matters skincare in a way that feels delightfully authentic.
Chloe Grace Moretz tells James Corden about the only facial essence she uses.

The fun commences in the latest "Take It All Off" episode, when Carpool Karaoke star, Corden, gets Chloe to reveal her beauty tips and skincare regime; as it turns out, it is a little more pared down than expected. Crediting her crystalline complexion to the one-and-only SK-II Pitera Essence, she then proceeds to divulge the wonders of said miracle water.

Chloe explains the benefits to a dumbfounded Corden, revealing how the Facial Treatment Essence a) contains transformative powers like no other; b) absorbs quickly and penetrates deeply for maximum efficacy; and c) is all the skin needs to live its best life. And who are we to doubt someone who looks so good bare-faced?

While we certainly don't doubt her, there are still some misconceptions floating around where the Facial Treatment Essence is concerned. Some believe that it is suited for older audiences only, others harbour apprehension about its strong formula, and there are concerns about how it is more of a targeted anti-ageing product rather than a comprehensive essence serving solutions for all skin problems. 

None of the above hold water — pun intended. The Facial Treatment Essence is suitable across age groups; in fact, Chloe started using the product in her early 20s. With regard its effectiveness, said star product is packed chockful of Pitera, a secret concoction of gentle-on-skin vitamins, amino acids and organic acids. Don't worry, no harsh chemicals in sight. And though wrinkle prevention is one of the many benefits, its ability to instill skin luminosity and suppleness distinguishes it from a clear-cut anti-ageing product. In fact, it's able to transform your skin to look much better than before!
SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence harnesses the power of Pitera to transform your skin.

Those looking to learn more about SK-II and the Facial Treatment Essence will be pleased to know that new episodes of Bare Skin Chat will be released on a regular basis on SK-II's YouTube channel. Hit the subscribe button to stay in the loop.

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