The best way to store your skincare, brushes, and more: A guide to optimising the effects of your products

The best way to store your skincare, brushes, and more: A guide to optimising the effects of your products

Clean up

Text: Brandon Alexius Chia

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We've all experienced those hectic mornings — days where rushing to the shower and slapping on our makeup is all we can manage before having to sprint out the door. On said occasions, nothing is more convenient than having your beauty essentials sprawled out on your vanity at your convenience. Moisturiser? Check. Foundation brush? Check. And yet, your aesthetic vision might just be compromising the effectiveness and cleanliness of the tools that you put upon your beautiful mien. Yup — you might not think much of it, but how you store your products and tools ensures that the investment you've put into your goods are worth it. Let's get to reorganising that stash, shall we?


Move everything out of the bathroom, ASAP

Oh yes, we mean it. Although it is definitely easier to get ready in the bathroom, it is one of the worst places for makeup and skincare to live in. Steam from a hot bath causes the humidity to be very high (don't forget that we already live in a very humid climate), which could then cause powder–based makeup such as eyeshadow to become mildewed with mould. Eep. The high temperature can also denature the active ingredients in our skincare products — rendering them useless. Protein, botanical, and enzymatic–focused items deteriorate very easily in the presence of heat, so it's best to start shifting them out.


Drying racks deserve some hype

Washing our makeup sponges and brushes can be tedious, but don't just lay them down by your sink to dry. Think of the germs (on second thought, don't). Get a rack to hold your tools vertically — not only does this speed up the airdrying process with a more exposed surface area, but it also helps to retain the brush shape for its intended usage. Pro tip: face the bristles downwards so that dust does not get trapped in there.


When in doubt — a dark place works best

Products with high concentrations of vitamin C, retinol, and other similar actives are volatile to UV rays and will break down over time. This could cause more harm than the intended good — especially for those with acne or sensitive skin. So, be sure to find a cool, dark cabinet to store these bad boys.


Chill out

Feeling a little bit extra? Order a mini–fridge for your skincare products. The cool environment could boost the effectiveness of your face masks, moisturisers, and tools such as gua shas and jade rollers while adding anti–inflammatory benefits to aid with redness. The cold could also help you save a few pennies by preserving chemically-derived ingredients and prolong the shelf life of your beauty purchases. It should be noted, however, that oil–based products should not be stored in the fridge as it could cause the oils to separate depending on the formulation.