The best pimple patches to wear in public with no shame

The best pimple patches to wear in public with no shame

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Text: Emily Heng

Editor: Jolene Khor

Image: Instagram | @zitsticka

As someone with a penchant for offbeat — or as my mother puts it, questionable — makeup choices, I have long banished all self-consciousness. Neon lids and blinding highlights are worn unflinchingly, magenta lippie swiped on shamelessly, and canary yellow blushes dusted loud and proud on cheeks. I bear the double-takes stoically, and often with good humour.

All of this, naturally, serves as training for the major leagues a.k.a. pimple patches. Yes, I'm talking stickers — often cut in cute, unassuming shapes like hearts and stars — stuck over monster zits. You know, the kind that prompt more squints and perplexed head tilts than blood-red eyeliner.
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While I don't mind the general public questioning my life choices, their reaction to the pulsating volcano on my face is harder to ignore. Anyone who has suffered a bad breakout with a capital B can attest that a "what the heck is that?" served with a disgusted face can induce anxiety no matter how long, how well buried. Thanks for the vote of confidence, guys.

But because growing older goes hand in hand with growing bolder, I will brazenly stride out the door with pimple patches stuck to my face if the occasion calls for it in 2019. 

Vanity aside, pimple patches (or specifically, the active ingredients salicylic and hyaluronic acid in them) work wonders on the pustule-filled nightmare during the day, just as it soothes your puss-filled pore at night. Yes, concealer may be able to hide blemishes better than a patch can, but cosmetic can also further aggravate them. And who said imperfections should be hidden? The latest offerings in the market encourage us to do the exact opposite. With swanky designs (see below for cartoons and happy shapes), ingenious formulas, and spot-on cures (literally) that expel red, inflamed zits on my side, I'll be plastering my face with pride.

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