The beauty essentials you shouldn't forget on your next trip

The beauty essentials you shouldn't forget on your next trip

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Text: Renée Batchelor

Image: Cleanse by Lauren Napier

We've done our fair share of travel and think we've gotten this down to a science. Here are the good skin must-haves for any trip... no matter the weather

There's nothing worse than reaching your vacation spot or business destination and realising that you might have forgotten to bring a thing or two. Some items may be easily replaced — like toothpaste or a travel adaptor. But others may seriously throw your trip off whack. For us, it's realising that we forgot to bring a good body moisturiser and that the long, hot showers we're taking to keep warm is wreaking havoc on our skin, or that our complexion is looking dangerously dull, and no amount of regular cream is working. Unless you're lucky enough to have a French or Korean pharmacy round the corner, here are the skin saviours that you shouldn't neglect to pack.

1. Sunscreen
The top of any list should be good and lightweight sun protection. Are you applying sunscreen in the airplane? If you're sitting by the window for a six-hour flight, it really is a must. Overcast skies above? It's still good to slap on the protection as UV rays can still filter through. Out and about? Apply it on your décolletté, arms and legs too. Try an easy-to-reapply mist like this one from Supergoop so you know you'll be diligent.

Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF50, from $17

2. Sunglasses
And while you're at it. A good pair of sunnies aren't just a chic accessory, they can help prevent crow's feet and laugh lines when you're doing the tourist schtick in hot weather. And if you don't feel like slapping on the makeup, just slick on a bright lipstick and wear these to look on fleek in all your holiday Instagrams.Gentle Monster x Tilda Swinton Newtonic S1, US$286

3. Blotting powder or papers
Want to look cool, calm and collected even if you're jostling with hundreds of tourists or are doing serious walking in a busy city? Keep some blotting papers or a powder ready. This one absorbs oils and reduces the look of pores, so you can look much more fresh-faced than you feel.

Murad MatteEffect Blotting Perfector, $68

4. A good, sheet mask
Are all sheet masks the same? Don't scrimp by buying the cheap stuff that's basically paper drenched in liquid. A quality mask (pack a few) will revive dry and tired skin in plane and long train rides, or be a welcome respite as a mini-facial at the end of a long day. This one is the younger cousin to the super-effective bio-cellulose offerings from For Beloved One, but because they're so affordable you can use them freely.For Beloved Girl Extreme Moisture Mineral, $16 for 3 masks

5. Cleansing wipes
We recently packed these and it solved the conundrum of whether we should board our flights with makeup. These give skin a quick and easy cleanse with ingredients like aloe and cucumber extract — so you can apply your mask or facial mist on top — or when you need a skin refresh on-the-go, but a sink is not available. 

Cleanse by Lauren Napier The Hightail, US$20 for 15 pieces

6. A multi-purpose cream
If you don't want to bring a separate hand and body cream, pack one that straddles the line, with a slightly richer texture. Apply this as a preventive tool — on elbows, hands and anywhere else that patches of dryness tends to break out. We find that solving a problem before it appears is always best.Eau Thermale Avène Cold Cream