If you need a spick and span routine to clean yourself up real good before circuit breaker ends, try this

If you need a spick and span routine to clean yourself up real good before circuit breaker ends, try this

Caution, cleaning in progress

Text: Guan Tan

Image: @briogeo

Welcome to June (we're almost there) where a fraction of us will be heading back to our workplaces. About time? Defo. In case you've lost track, we've been home since circuit breaker came round in April –– mid-March for some of us who were serving Stay Home Notices earlier. Nonetheless, the past two months have been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride –– we were bored, we went on shopping rampages, invested in air fryers, and attended a slew of Zoom workshops.

So, when dear HR sent an email informing us to get out of our beds and back in the office next week, reality sank in: "I look like crap". Yes, skincare (and body care) slump has taken a hold of my life. My hair's in need of a trim, nails in need of some proper manicure, and skin is screaming for some power cleansing. After I gave the salon a call and dropped the manicurist a text, I built myself a Spic and Span cleansing arsenal for some serious bathroom action this weekend. From a vegan haircare set to an exfolitating disc and a glycolic renewal face mask, here's what's went down:

1. Briogeo Healthy Hair Game Hair Set

This comprehensive haircare set appeared on Sephora's shelves late last year and it stars a full-sized tub of the brand's deep conditioning mask from their Don't Despair, Repair! range which has been widely raved by my fellow Singaporean friends with fine, dry, thin hair, and sensitive scalps (that was quite a mouthful of complaints!). Ingredients include rosehip, sweet almond, argan oils, alongside vitamin B5.

I've tried this mask two ways: one, to leave in on for a minute or two in the shower, and two, slather it on and wear a shower cap over for 30 minutes. The latter was a bad idea –– it got really hot and uncomfortable in this homemade hot air balloon. Anyway, the mask leaves your hair feeling hydrated, light, and breezy after. It's also free of nasties like silicones, sulfates, parabens, and phthalates.

That's not all. In the set you get three other minis: a Farewell Frizz blow dry and heat protectant cream, a leave-in conditioning spray to tackle those mid-day frizz, and a charcoal exfolitating shampoo to complete your haircare regimen.


2. Frank Body Express-o Coffee Scrub

Let me just say, here's a potent and extremely nourishing exfoliating body scrub that I absolutely adore. Frank Body has a couple of body scrubs –– a classic (pictured below), alongside cacao-infused, peppermint, shimmer, and sleep-inducing iterations –– but the Express-o Coffee Scrub has proven to be the most convenient, neat, and user-friendly. At $30, the 150 grams worth of sticky coffee paste will last you for a solid month or two.

It's idiot-proof: squeeze a little dollop out of the resealable nozzle, and scrub them all over your arms, legs, and belly. The great thing about this formula is how sticky it is –– so the coffee bits don't rain all over the floor as you scrub along. That being said, I've tried scrubbing my arms while watching Netflix. Yeap, it's neat like that. Simply rinse it off after and enjoy that super smooth and impeccably soft skin. This is great for those of you with stubborn dry skin that's caked up over the years, say, grey and dry elbows in need of intense exfoliation.


3. Sephora Collection Exfoliating Face Disc

At a sweet $8,  this little exfoliating disc really pulls its weight. If you've ever used a Foreo cleansing device, this is it –– albeit without Foreo's supersonic pulsations. Its bristles are ultra soft and gives your face a really comfortable scrub. At the back is a button, similar to those round grips that you stick to the back of your phones, which allows it to sit snugly in your hands. Results? Definitely smoother, cleaner, and brighter skin if you have an extra minute or two to scrub your face down manually. Y'all, this is definitely a keeper.

The Sephora Collection Exfoliating Face Disc ($8).


4. Mount Lai De-puffing Amethyst Roller

I love a good hot-and-cold skincare drama to get those blood vessels and circulation in the skin pumping. Fresh off a hot shower, I used to (pre-skincare slump) march straight to the fridge and drench my face in a hydrating mist (the vegan My Clarins' Re-Fresh Beauty Mist) before piling on a vitamin C serum and sunscreen. Then, I'd reach for a chilled ReFa face roller (just pop it in the fridge for an hour) to give those puffy eyebags, cheeks, and jawline an ice-cold massage. This weekend, I got myself a Mount Lai amethyst roller to do the job instead –– and, umm, soothe my back-to-work nerves.


5. Tatcha Camellia Gold Spun Lip Balm

Next up: the lips. On an average day, I usually swipe on Drunk Elephant's Lippe Balm but this weekend called for something else –– 23-karat gold flakes. Inspired by a geisha's lip routine, the Tatcha team created this beautiful pot of lip balm with gold flakes swimming about. While its nourishing capabilities fare just about any other great quality lip balm, the gold flakes makes you feel a little more swanky about yourself. Buy for good feelings.


6. Biossance Squalane + Glycolic Renewal Face Mask

This Biossance face mask hits all the right spots with actives such as the moisture-sealing squalane (derived from sugarcane) and glycolic acid, a commonplace alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) which is known to effectively exfoliate the skin. AHAs make your skin more sensitive to the sun, so do slather on sunscreen throughout the day when you're on it. Reviews promise softer, smoother skin with regular use. We're stoked.