We tried a face peel for four weeks in a row at Singapore's first ever peel bar

We tried a face peel for four weeks in a row at Singapore's first ever peel bar

I get the appeal

Text: Renée Batchelor

If you don't have the time for a lengthy facial, a quick face peel on a regular basis is a great solution. Find out how Sugar K Organic Peel Bar makes getting glowing skin a breeze

If you've never tried a face peel, it can sound pretty daunting, especially if you have sensitive or reactive skin. There are so many scary images that a peel can conjure up — from a snake shedding its skin to a face that looks red, patchy and inflamed after. But the truth is that there are a variety of peels that you can do, and not all of them are painful or drastic. The Sugar K Peel Bar is the world's first organic peel bar, and the first peel bar that we've seen in Singapore thus far. Started by Lily Kew, the woman behind Kew Organics, the concept behind the Sugar K Peel Bar is simple and kind of brilliant. It offers quickie, 20-minute peels sessions that are gentle enough to be done every week, using a propietary organic sugarcane peel — hence the name — supplemented with organic skincare products from Kew Organics.

The results to expect after the peel? Glowing skin, a more even-toned complexion and the lightening of existing scars. The peel in question is all-natural formula that is a blend of buffered glycolic acid that is derived from sugar cane and organic citrus fruits. It sloughs off the topmost layer of the epidermis in a few minutes, with minimal risk of burns and skin irritation — making it suitable for almost all skin types. Eventhough I had a smattering of acne on one side of my face — some of which were still a bit inflamed — I was able to do the peel without any pain or irritation. The only candidates the peel is not suitable for is someone with serious skin conditions and eczema. 

Sugar K Organic Peel

With a flash peel treatment, don't expect a long and pampering process — each peel begins with a cleansing of the face to remove all traces of makeup and sunscreen before diving straight into it. The peel solution is then painted onto the skin with a brush. Some people may experience a light, tingling sensation in parts of the face, but this is a very gentle peel, so it is not meant to hurt. The peel can even be applied in the under-eye area without causing harm, for the last minute or so of the three to five minute process — great if you have dark eye circles like me. Once you're done, the peel is neutralised, before a suite of organic skincare is applied — according to what your skin needs. To complement the process, the therapist usually applies other products like the Sugar Cane Royal Flush Exfoliant, plus a moisturiser and sunscreen to protect your freshly-peeled skin.

If you want obvious results, this is a good treatment to try. Sugar K usually recommends initially coming in once a week for the first four to six weeks, before reducing the frequency of sessions. What you'll see is fresher, more glowing skin with a softer, more refined texture. My acne scars could not be significantly reduced because my skin never really calmed down, but the difference on the rest of my face was very noticeable — in photos especially I noted that my skin looked younger and more even. The peel is also meant to improve the skin's cellular renewal and boosts hydration levels — and I did feel that in tandem with the at-home regimen, my skin was more plumped-up and dewy.

I recommended the peel to my sister — not something I do often because I felt that it was a cost-effective, time-saving and doable regimen that even a busy, working woman could find time for. Results were improved by using the products including the Exfoliant every other day and a hyaluronic acid serum from the brand, so if you're willing to splurge you can get the full package which includes take-home essentials.

$55 per peel. $425.40 for a package of six treatments and take-home products. Sugar K Peel Bar is at #03-83 Clarke Quay Central, 6904-4161