Self-proclaimed Glow Job Queen, Nam Vo, dishes the dirt on her skincare routine, complexion struggles, and more

Self-proclaimed Glow Job Queen, Nam Vo, dishes the dirt on her skincare routine, complexion struggles, and more

Glow the extra mile

Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @namvo

It might have escaped your notice seeing the chaos that is COVID-19 and the game-changing U.S. elections, but the beauty industry has made some distinctions about skin radiance as of late. There's the clear, glazed complexion reminiscent of the glaze on a steamed dumpling; the glistening, reflective skin of a dolphin (seriously); or the smooth, unmarred surface of a Fillet-O-Fish burger bun. Each option comes with subtle yet distinct differences — all of which celebrity makeup artist and glow expert, Nam Vo, has mastered.

You'd probably recognise her work flaunted by the likes of Hollywood heavyweights Kylie Jenner and Rosie Huntington Whiteley, or perhaps from her bustling Instagram page which boasts 326,000 followers. The #DewyDumplings advocate regularly brings her acerbic wit and expertise to her platform, attributing her skin's unreal glow to everything from orgasms to forgiveness. We managed a quick catch-up with the woman of the hour on the ingredients she avoids, her current routine, and the biggest skincare misconception she wants cleared up, stat.

Tell us about your skin type. Do you have any skin issues you struggle with regularly?
I would say I am normal/oily. I struggle with clogged pores on my nose and a bit of pigmentation. I do a lot of masking, peeling, and micro needling. And of course, there is not a day that goes by rain or shine that I do not wear SPF. I usually wear Supergoop! Glowscreen SPF 40 or Glow Stick SPF 50.

How's your skincare routine looking like, these days?
I cleanse, tone, apply essence, then serum, and moisturise — and if I feel like I need more moisture, I'll layer on oil too. Then, of course, sunscreen! I try to avoid mineral oil, heavy fragrance and lanolin.

Does your diet play a large part in your skin's unreal glow?
To be honest, this is funny and a question I get asked too often. My skin might be moist but I barely drink any water... and I eat like a trash can [Laughs]. But I will say, once in a blue moon when I eat healthy my glow is next level. So, for me personally, it must be genetic, and being blessed with the world's best beauty products.

Lastly: the one skincare misconception you want debunked, once and for all?
You only need to wear SPF when it's sunny. No, no, no! You wear SPF every day of your life.