Pampering skincare products to try while you Netflix and chill this weekend: Face masks, oils, body creams and more

Pampering skincare products to try while you Netflix and chill this weekend: Face masks, oils, body creams and more

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Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @drjart

Multitasking is as essential as breathing for the team at Buro. SingaporeA key survival skill in today's fast-moving society, we're texting, talking and probably formulating an email or two at any given time. Time is not a luxury us busy bees can afford, so we're always searching for ways to make the most of it. Makeup is (expertly) applied in all kinds of moving vehicles, nails painted while perusing our favourite magazines, and skincare slathered on as we unwind with our ever-faithful weekend companion: Netflix. If the latter sounds all-too-familiar, we got just the thing to make it even sweeter. Below, our favourite pampering masksoils, and creams du jour to luxuriate in as you cue up the latest season of Black Mirror — because when will you have time, otherwise?

Best facial scrub: Fresh Sugar Face Polish

Congested pores are kept at bay with a gentle exfoliating treatment that works to remove dead skin cells and impurities speedily. Mimic a spa-like experience by massaging it onto skin with deep, slow strokes to boost blood circulation, which puts you on the path towards smoother, firmer skin in the long run. Fresh's Sugar Face Polish is certainly up for the task with a lush blend of brown sugar and real strawberry seeds thats clear clogged pores and blemishes in a jiffy. Remember to hit pause before you skip out of bed to wash it off, though.


Best face mask: Dr. Jart+ Rubber Mask Moist Lover

Donning a latex visage might sound like a questionable practice, but we're willing to overlook it for the multitude of complexion benefits provided by this cult classic. A two-step mask that delivers a concentrated dose of skin-nourishing actives, it hydrates and cools dry, cracked complexions through uber-moisturising green seaweed extract and calming algae. Begin by applying the ampoule essence, then seal it in by sliding the mask on. Leave on for 30 to 40 minutes (just about the right amount for a episode of Queer Eye), then remove for glowing skin..


Best serum: 111Skin Rose Gold Radiance Booster

Swap out your day-to-day serum for a supercharged one on the weekend. We vote 111Skin's latest offering, which features damask rose extract and kid-you-not 24 karat gold, both of which contain calming and radiance-boosting properties. In short? Smooth, even skin with no redness in sight that emits a luminous glow to rival even the most blinding of highlighters. One to two drops are apparently all you need for a visible change, so use sparingly if need be.


Best body scrub: L'Occitane Shea Ultra Rich Body Scrub

Don't forget to treat that bod too. Kick things off with this super nourishing body scrub from L'Occitane — it’s packed with shea butter, apricot oil, and finely ground nutshells that exfoliate dry, scaly patches gently, making it a favourite amongst the sensitive skin set. Prop up those laptops and tablets to continue your binge watch if necessary. Or just strip down, wherever you are. No judgement!

Best body cream: Dior Rose Gipsy Body Cream

Be sure to seal and protect buttery-smooth skin once dead skin cells and impurities are eradicated. Our pick? Dior's Rose Gipsy Body Cream. The inclusion of both jojoba seed oil and May rose bring on intense hydration alongside a sensual, spicy scent that lingers long into the night. The cream's lightweight texture is simply the cherry on top to this decadent (yet practical) offering.

Best face oil: Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

The final step before you close your Netflix tab: an overnight facial oil that promises a significantly rejuvenated and firmer looking complexion come morning. A potent elixir carrying evening primrose oil and squalene, skin elasticity and hydration are maintained; your skin barrier is also strengthened with sustained use. Sounds like the perfect movie ending to a deeply satisfying regime, doncha think?