Only Home Singapore review: Everything to expect from this at-home facial service, from treatments to the safety protocols

Only Home Singapore review: Everything to expect from this at-home facial service, from treatments to the safety protocols

The other essential mask

Text: Cheryl Lai-Lim

Image: ONLY Group

It's safe to say that the coronavirus pandemic has created a list of places I have been staunchly avoiding. A club for one (though that's out of my hands at the moment); a nail salon, for another; and hovering somewhere top of the list? Facial salons. Something about laying in the same bed and covers as a stranger had before me  whilst we were in the midst of a highly infectious disease outbreak sounds risky to my (admittedly) overactive imagination.

Alas, my skin has become quite aggressively temperamental (not unlike the current state of the world) without the care of an aesthetician. A cursed combination of skin genetics, maskne and late-night stress snacks resulted in my skin mounting a rebellion, and I soon succumbed to its cry (and my vanity) for a long-overdue facial. Thankfully the stars aligned for me, when local award-winning medical aesthetics group, Only Group, launched their Only Home services. Seemingly the answer to my prayers, the at-home facial service sees professional aestheticians venturing to the doorsteps of their customers, with all the necessary equipment needed in tow. Is it worth the risk? Below, I log my entire experience, from start to finish.

The before prep

Before the actual facial, a quick consultation will be conducted with an aesthetician to determine the best treatment for you. I hopped on a video call with Clinic Director Tracy, where we discussed my skin type and concerns. Treatments are tailored to your comfort level and needs  for example, I was asked if I was comfortable with treatments that require a downtime of few days (I was not, if you were wondering, since I had plans lined up for the next few days). After you and your aesthetician come to an agreement on the best possible treatment option, you'd be required to fill in and sign a tedious number of forms declaring yourself fit as a fiddle. Monotonous it might be, the process was a necessity due to current pandemic measures.

The actual treatment

The day of the treatment dawned, and whilst I was looking forward to the little indulgence from my facial, I was also a fair bit apprehensive of the sanitisation measures. I needn't have worried though  when the aestheticians arrived at my door, they assuaged my fears with self-temperature checks even before stepping foot into my house. The only necessities required for the home facial were a bed, an electrical power point, adequate space to place their equipment, and access to water. My bedroom was the best location in my humble abode that met all the requirements, and once selected, it was transformed into a temporary oasis within minutes.

Onlift, my first of two treatments, is a non-surgical facelift designed for collagen renewal and face shape correction. A cold gel was slathered all over my skin, and thereafter sequential pulses were delivered steadily into my skin. Whilst the pulses didn't cause any form of pain at all, I was warned by my aesthetician, Jaz, that I might feel some form of soreness since it was my first time. I cheerfully chirped that I was feeling quite comfortable without any aches, only to bite back my words less than 15 minutes later when the soreness set in. Whilst it did form as an effective distraction to my daydreams of sipping Mai Tais by the beach, the soreness wasn't unbearable or incredibly painful.

The pulses quickly ended, and we moved on to my second treatment: the OnlySkin Apothecary Slimface Facial treatment. As its name suggests, this facial treatment helps to instantly sculpt, contour and slim your face down by targeting your fascia skin layer. A facial roller was used to massage my face, and the myofascial release helped stimulate lymphatic drainage. A facial mask was applied after, and I happily nodded off for 20 minutes as it worked its magic.

The after thought(s)

After I was brought back to reality, all the equipment was packed efficiently and conscientiously. The only evidence of the facial was my complexion that was notches more radiant than before. Whilst I didn't end the facial looking like Kim Kardashian, the queen of kontour, I did notice that the treatments did add depth and sculpted my face and jawline  enough so for me to abandon my bronzer and contour for weeks. The treatments didn't agitate any of my existing spots, and most of my scars from past battles were lightened. The soreness from the Onlift treatment faded off less than an hour later, when I sat dazedly in front of my laptop screen. Ah, the perils of getting a home facial whilst working from home  you'd be too submerged in bliss to even lift a finger to type. Clean and efficient, the Only Home treatments should definitely go on the list for those looking for a home facial service in light of the pandemic.