Minimalist K-Beauty brands to try in 2020: Abib, Fflow, and Kravebeauty amongst many others

Minimalist K-Beauty brands to try in 2020: Abib, Fflow, and Kravebeauty amongst many others

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Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @abib.official

It's likely that your impression of K-Beauty comprises rigorous 10-step regimens; a motley crew of essences and ampoules; as well as an ingredient list a mile long. And while that might have been representative of what the business was about at a time, 2020 poses a different story. It seems the industry has evolved, veering past the excessive to re-focus on the essentials. By this, we mean simple, gentle formulas that claim to give the same results as an exhaustive 20-step routine would. How promising, indeed. Consider this your official welcome to the age of minimalist K-Beauty, folks — no unnecessary chemicals, fragrances, and platitudes in sight. Below, a look at the labels spearheading the charge.


Chances are you've seen their Quick Sunstick Protection Bar on your feed; a powdery-textured sunscreen practically designed for on-the-go SPF touch-ups. Expect the same for the rest of their line-up in the form of efficacious, highly convenient formulations housed in sustainable packaging that prove characteristic of their core principles: simplicity, repeatability, purity.



Founder, Liah Yoo, rose to prominence as a beauty guru dispensing skincare knowledge gleaned from her time working in Korea's largest beauty company. Her expanding viewership then encouraged her to strike it out on her own — which she did through Kravebeauty; the stress-free alternative to the big, wide, and oftentimes confusing world of skincare. Their site helpfully segments products under core or supplementary categories, making it a breeze for both novices and savants to navigate. Product-wise, their skin-smoothing Great Barrier Reef serum has acquired cult-status since its release, with sell-out status guaranteed every time it hits the shelves. Act fast should you be lucky enough to get it within your sights.



It's hard to imagine taking on a go-with-the-flow approach to skincare, particularly if you have a problematic complexion constantly experiencing breakouts and sensitivity. That being said, Fflow actually stands for Fundamental Flow, as in a series of products designed to suit each skin type and composed with a minimal number of natural ingredients. There's a heavy emphasis on the O on its packaging, as you can tell, which is meant to represent the idea of flow and circulation. The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive since its inception in late 2018, a reassuring sign as any.



The name is derived from the colour, beige, which the founders believe represent "life's daily pleasures." The shade's neutral, versatile palette is an accurate representation of Beigic's vegan, clean, and cruelty-free products, all of which are plant-based and suitable for a wide range of skin types. For those unsure of where to start, we say give their Regenerating Oils a go — skincare obsessives on Reddit have talked at length about its potency.


Primera Beauty

Priding itself as a worry-free skincare line, Primera Beauty is pure, potent, and above all, planet-friendly. The promise extends to all aspects of the label, where you won't find parabens, chemicals, or synthetic fragrances within their formulas nor plastic packaging. Talk about commitment, huh? Another plus point: their extensive number of offerings that allow you to kit out a whole skincare routine using their products alone.