Lush product inventor, Alessandro Commisso, on how he deals with zits, an oily T-zone, and more

Lush product inventor, Alessandro Commisso, on how he deals with zits, an oily T-zone, and more

Bare skin bible

Text: Emily Heng

Bare skin bible details how notable figures from the beauty industry get that healthy glow to their mien. From the products in their arsenal to skincare secrets, we get them to dish the dirt.

The lowdown on his complexion

My skin changes a lot according to the environment and my diet — as with most of us! When I was younger, I struggled with spots on my T-zone, and that's when I learned how cleansing is the first step to acquiring a healthy complexion. I was hooked on Lush's Fresh Farmacy, for a period of time. It's a calamine and chamomile soap (which we still sell) that saved my skin during my teen years. When I lived in Italy, I found I used moisturisers much more than now to look after my sun kissed complexion.  Let's just say that I don't have the same needs now that I live in the UK.

What goes on his moneymaker

1. Lush Kalamazoo Beard and Facial Wash

My daily routine is quite simple. I start off with Kalamazoo: an enzymic, mild detergent that cleans both my beard and my skin. I don't like a lot of synthetic materials in my skincare. A lot of active materials are very strong and very powerful — you'll see the results straight away — but I want to have healthy skin for my whole life, not just for it to look healthy for a night out.


2. Lush Breath of Fresh Air Toner

Not many people know this, you don't actually need micellar water. Just use a non-alcoholic toner or natural hydrosols like rose water or orange blossom water and you'll be fine. I find that they also smell much nicer! Another tip: your diet is crucial for the maintenance of good skin. I learnt this the hard way that I have a little issue with avocado.  All it takes for my skin to break out is for me to eat a full avocado. I eat it, then the following day I get pimples around my eyebrows and it's so annoying. It's a millennial's worst nightmare.


3. Lush Naked Moisturiser

I tend to avoid all creams and lip products with silicones and petrolatum, as they don't really do anything for the skin apart from sitting on it. So, to hydrate, I use a touch of Lush's naked moisturisers — one of my own inventions. These are still in development and they're small solid discs with all the ingredients of a cream, but without the water. You add a touch of water and you can have the perfect cream at your fingertips, with your preferred consistency for the day.

I am also testing out a new eye gel, but I'm not really allowed to tell you more! I can tell you, however, that Mo Constantine — one of the co-founders of Lush — recently opened a Fresh & Flower concept store in the Le Marais area in Paris. This is a real destination for all skincare lovers, or for anyone who loves their skin. This really encapsulates Lush's skincare principle, showcasing a jaw-dropping selection of concoctions full of fresh fruit and vegetable, natural clays and with little (or no) packaging.
 All the products are fresh (some of them so fresh that only last a few days) and completely free from synthetic preservatives — we call them "self-preserving".


4. Lush Mask of Magnaminty

A large part of my skincare routine actually revolves around bathing. I try to take a few baths each week (so many new bath bombs to try!), where I always end up using a purifying clay mask like Mask of Magnaminty. I find that all skincare treatments are really more powerful when you're in a hot bath and surrounded by fragrant steam. Or maybe it's just a lovely excuse for a soak.

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