How to avoid tech neck: Skincare tips and tricks to try to prevent wrinkles, creasing...

How to avoid tech neck: Skincare tips and tricks to try to prevent wrinkles, creasing...

Chin up

Text: Azrin Tan

After donning a whole face of makeup for those Zoom meetings, no one wants to look at themselves in the camera only to find...wrinkles that have developed on our necks. But alas, this is the plight of the modern age — made increasingly so, as more of us take to the work-from-home setups, remaining seated in front of our monitors even whilst eating our lunches. And thus the name tech name was born; an increased strain on our back and neck muscles that leads to the demise of our once-upon-a-time selfie-ready portraits.

So if you're starting to feel a constant ache in your shoulders, soreness in the neck or even mild headaches, your body's definitely sending you a message to get up from that table and stretch it out. For those of us worried about the increasing visibility of those horizontal lines across our necks...well, same, except you should probably pair with a dedicated skincare routine. We provide some helpful tips, below.

A new regime

Use your existing moisturizers, vitamin C antioxidant serums or glycerin formulas and massage it onto your neck in an upward motion — these formulae helps support the skin's natural collagen production. On top of your existing skincare, consider applying milder oils on, too  — such as olive oils, rose oils, and almond oils — to rejuvenate the thinner skin of your neck. Whatever it is, ensure they're not too strong; your neck is the most delicate of them after all.


Slather on SPF rigorously

As if we don't already stress this enough! But yes, sunscreen doesn't just go on your face ladies. Just as we slather them all over our bodies at the beach, it doesn't hurt to apply sunscreen on our necks every morning too. The effects of UV radiation trigger the formation of wrinkles, and whilst we're dressing for the warm weather over here, our neck is being scorched by pesky sun rays.

Mask it

It's easy enough. Essentially, you're taking the remaining solution from your mask packets and massaging them along your neck during mask night. Some brands even have neck or chest masks if that's to your liking instead.