How to prevent fine lines and wrinkles under your eyes: Fuss-free tricks to try before resorting to eye cream

How to prevent fine lines and wrinkles under your eyes: Fuss-free tricks to try before resorting to eye cream

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Text: Emily Heng

The beauty industry is insistent upon the fact that prevention is better than cure, particularly when it comes to anti-ageing concerns. And while there is some validity in the statement, we hardly think investing in a bevy of elixirs and broths is the best or only solution. Should you be looking to maintain — rather than fix — any aspect of your otherworldly visage, we'd suggest making small (but significant!) lifestyle changes geared to make big differences. Case in point: the delicate eye area; a swath of skin that can be preserved in its current wrinkle-less state with proper upkeep. Below, a roundup of helpful tricks to employ in the meantime as you save up some coin to invest in a quality eye cream. La Mer, anyone?

Treat your allergies

In an interesting twist, it seems the condition of your, uh, nasal passages will reflect on the skin around your eyes. This is because allergies or sinus issues can cause inflammation by your peepers - which, in turn, leads to itching, scratching, and sagging in the long-run. Getting a handle on your olfactive issues will, thus, reduce the possibility of wrinkle formation. Consult a doctor or perhaps a pharmacist on the effectiveness of antihistamines for your condition.


Wear moisturising contact lenses

Rubbing, tugging, and applying pressure to your eyelids are common methods utilised to alleviate discomfort caused by dry eyes. Eyedrops can help with that, as does swapping out your usual lenses for a more-moisturising formula. We like Acuvue's Define Fresh range; a collection comprising four hues — Fresh Honey; Fresh Rose; Fresh Grayzel; and Fresh Blue — that allows us to don coloured variants for hours on end without feeling any irritation.


Try facial exercises

This helps stimulate blood flow, depuff, and tone skin. It is best conducted with eye cream, of course, but you can do this without too. YouTube is brimming with such tutorials from certified professionals that target issues in the vein of crow's feet, sunken lids, and more.


Never forget SPF

This should go without saying, but it's something we're constantly in need of reminding of anyway. Be sure to be generous when it comes to application — and to pair it with stylish pair of sunglasses to prevent unnecessary squinting. Singapore's potent rays are hardly merciful on 'em delicate orbs.


Be gentle when going through your skincare regime

While it might be satisfying to really rub those products in, harsh movements are known to loosen eyelid skin. We say you should exercise caution whenever you're applying your serums or moisturisers, where light, patting motions are the way to go despite the part of the face you're aiming for. The general consensus amongst skincare professionals is to use only your ring finger when you're slathering anything on along the eye area for increased precision.