How oils work on acne, plus the best face oils to add to your regimen

How oils work on acne, plus the best face oils to add to your regimen

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Text: Emily Heng

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An assumption long-held by the beauty community: facial oils will add more oil to an already-greasy complexion. The logic may appear sound, but it is actually a deep-rooted misconception that oil advocates (e.g. Uma Oils' Shrankhla Holcek) and seasoned acne veterans are looking to eradicate. Their philosophy: oils are, in fact, the key to combating oily, acne-prone complexions .They are more effective a moisturiser than their gel and cream counterparts, and they balance the skin's sebum (read: oil) production. Read up and slick up, ladies.

Oils absorb faster into skin

Its smaller molecule size in comparison to gel and cream types allows for oils to be absorbed quicker into skin, providing an instant dose of hydration to dry, parched acne clusters and or soothing to red, inflamed zits — thus making them more efficacious.


Oils are naturally formulated with skin-nourishing ingredients

Grapeseed, rose hip seed, and mangosteen oils for instance, come packed with antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamins essential to banishing acne and giving skin a healthy glow. Founder of vegan skincare brand and oils devotee, Rachel Winard, even claims that "the pure nourishment and hydration (of oils) contributes to great skin health." This is further backed up by Uma Oils founder, Shrankhla Holcek. "Rapeseed oil has a high content of Omega 3 fatty acid that actually helps thin the texture of the oil on your face," she explains, "making it perfect for oily, acne-prone skin types."


Oils help regulate sebum production

Oils work on the "like attracts like" principle, where its presence actually pulls more oil to the surface of skin, thus making it easier for your skin to rid itself of an unholy sheen. The end result: natural oil that flows (and leaves) the skin more easily rather than clog the complexion. This reduces the likelihood of acne.


And for those eager to leap on the bandwagon, a curation of the best facial oils to shake up your skincare routine: