How humidifiers benefit your hair and skin: A boosted moisture barrier, shinier locks, and more

How humidifiers benefit your hair and skin: A boosted moisture barrier, shinier locks, and more

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Text: Emily Heng

In a world where microcurrent facial toning devices and no-heat hair stylers exist, the humble humidifier is often overlooked. Many deem her unnecessary in the face of our humid climate, while others falsely assume her functionality is limited to sinus-related ailments. Truth is, humidifiers do a lot more for you than you'd think; a multi-functional, cost-efficient gizmo to add to your burgeoning stash of beauty tech. From giving ya brighter peepers to a dolphin skin, here's all you should know about these hydrating contraptions.

What does a humidifier actually do?

New York City dermatologist, Paul Jarrold Frank, likens them to something that helps control the environment in an interview with Allure. This, in turn, is a great way to better manage your skin and hair, as everything from temperature and pollution can affect your current state. It also helps combat dry air, which reduces cold and flu-like symptoms, congestion, and the like.


How does a humidifier benefit your complexion, exactly?

To put it simply: it puts moisture back in the air so it can be better absorbed by the outermost layer of your skin. This, thus, strengthens your skin barrier and shields it from bacteria, pollution, and other detrimental environmental assaults looking to wreak havoc upon your mien. A well-moisturised, more radiant complexion is to be expected after long-term use, comparable to the glaze on a gleaming, fresh-out-of-a-dim sum-basket dumpling. Those with chapped, peeling lips are sure to benefit from the surplus moisture situated in the air as well.


How does a humidifier benefit your hair, exactly?

This is particularly ideal for those with naturally textured locks, where it adds a much-needed dose of moisture to dry, crunchy curls. This then translates to less frizz, unruly flyaways, and tangles in the long-run.


Does it help with your overall health, too?

Yup. People have reported less instances of dry eyes and sore throats once a humidifier is in the mix. The alleviation of dehydrated nasal passages lead to reduced snoring and allergies as well.


What are some humidifiers I should add to cart?

We thought you'd never ask.


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