Fenty Skin Singapore: Everything to know about the products, release date, and more

Fenty Skin Singapore: Everything to know about the products, release date, and more

The wait is over

Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @fentyskin

There's never been a shadow of doubt that Rihanna wears many hats. Off the top of our heads, there's singer-songwriter, actress, and even, uh, a pope, if the 2018 Met Gala is anything to go by. As of late, she's added some fetching new headgear to her extensive collection. That is skincare mogul, thanks to the launch of her highly-anticipated label, Fenty Skin. As with Fenty Beauty and Fenty — i.e. the makeup and fashion branch within bad gal RiRi's expansive empire — it prides itself for being inclusive to all, no matter your gender or skin tone. This is evident through a variety of campaign shots posted on the brand's official Instagram account; an ensemble including A$AP Rocky, Paloma Elsesser, and Lil Nas X sporting the #FentySkin glow at a pool party.

So far, the full line-up comprises three main products, collectively referred to as Fenty Skin Start'rs. All products are multi-functional, designed to provide users with an easy, streamlined experience with no fuss. Think an oil-free makeup remover-cleanser (the Total Cleans'r Remove-It-All Cleanser); a toner serum hybrid (Fat Water Pore-Refining Toner Serum); and a moisturiser equipped with SPF 30 (Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturiser Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen).

Each product is also refillable, recyclable, and in the case of the Hydra Vizor, comes coral-reef safe. Yes, that means you simply have to buy the cases once and top up each time you run out. Fenty Skin's offerings are also all fragranced — a stylistic decision on Rihanna's part, as she finds it a "crucial part of the skincare experience". She further elaborates in the six-minute video below that the scent is "warm, clean, and never perfume-y, because that's no bueno when it comes to skincare." She also promises that they've never used more than one percent of a synthetic fragrance.

The range is available on beginning today, and via Sephora Singapore in December. Fastest fingers win — so be sure to keep those credit cards on hand and any form of hesitation at bay. Failing that, there are supposedly resellers listing the full Fenty Skin at a staggeringly marked-up price of USD$550. Uh, approach at your own risk, we say.