Evereden, the tailored skincare line for moms and bubs to know about in 2020

Evereden, the tailored skincare line for moms and bubs to know about in 2020

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Text: Crystal Lim

As skincare companies drop terms like clean, organic, and paraben-free formulas, we can't help but wonder: who is to ascertain if they live up to their claims? This is made doubly worrying for pregnant folk and little ones, with eczema, dehydrated, and sensitive skin ranking high on their list of concerns. It is an issue new local brand, Evereden, hopes to address. The family-focused label that combines high performing, plant-based botanical ingredients in all of its products. Formulated by mothers in medicine — top pediatric dermatologists from Stanford and Harvard, to be exact — you can be certain that their skincare range is thoroughly researched, scientifically-backed, carefully formulated and certified to the strictest safety standards. Here's the lowdown on the goods:

Golden Belly Serum

A luxurious belly serum made for mothers to indulge in their daily skincare routine. After all, a growing belly and postpartum bodies need that extra TLC. Made from multi-correctional botanical blends such as Centella Asiatica, passionfruit seed oil and rosehip oil, we'd coin it a miracle elixir to help mothers feel well taken care of.

Multi Purpose Healing Balm

Made from a nourishing blend of five organic oils, it includes cult ingredients in the vein of rosehip seed oil and castor oil in their formulation. This protective balm gently calms and nourishes skin from head to toe; is suitable for all skin types; and made to tenderly heal eczema-prone skin.

Nourishing Stretch Mark Cream

Ah, the dreaded stretchmarks. We're all for embracing 'em as they are, but for those looking for a product to fade them, give this one a go. It aims to soothe and relieve itchiness from a growing bump with their formulae containing potent natural actives such as Centella Asiatica. It is also designed to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections, increase collagen regeneration, and enhance skin elasticity.

Baby Bathtime Duo

When it comes to choosing a bath cleanser, we want one that is completely chemical-free and safe to lather on their delicate skin. The head to toe cleanser and lotion by Evereden certainly makes the cut. Made from sunflower seed oil, coconut oil and oat extract, it guarantees a comfortable bath and afterbath routine for your little one.

Nourishing Baby Face Cream

Another real concern parents abhor: drool rash and sensitive skin from our warm and humid climate.  It is not uncommon to see red patches on their flushed cheeks during a teething session or after spending the day out. Formulated with calming ingredients like colloidal oatmeal, jojoba oil and cucumber, the superinfused oils in their Nourishing Baby Face Cream is the perfect hydrating and soothing concoction for inflamed skin.

Soothing Baby Massage Oil

Enjoy the usual evening bedtime routine with your tot using Evereden's Soothing Baby Massage Oil. Add it to their body lotions or use it in its raw form to pamper them silly with a good body massage; a trick most parents know to induce a good long night sleep.

Evereden is available online.

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