Everything you need to know about Bio-Oil: From product effectiveness, how to use, and more

Everything you need to know about Bio-Oil: From product effectiveness, how to use, and more

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Text: Azrin Tan

Image: Instagram @biooilusa

You wear it well. Those stretch marks from your pregnancy or persistent scarring from that operation is all but a sign of an arduous yet beautiful battle worth the fight, and far from anything you need to hide. But we all have reasons that we might want our scars or marks diminished, even if it's just to stop the irritating itch that might come with it or if it's something that seems to affect our self-esteem more than can be helped. And for that, the mum-certified Bio-Oil, that's pretty much gained a name in it's own right, has been one to promise wonders — from increasing the elasticity of skin to reducing the appearance of scars. It has been touted to be a lifesaving remedy that you don't want to overlook, especially since it's even good enough to be plugged to help with acne scars...? But for something that's pretty much looking to be a beauty hack of the industry, we can't help but be a little curious: what's really in this bottle, and what does it actually do for our skin? We find out, below.

What is actually in Bio-Oil?

To put it simply: it was created to ensure the efficacy of an oil, but with better absorbency, and without the heavy grease. And what's in a (peachy) bottle? Upon a closer inspection, the vast combination of various ingredients in this famed oil might be just what makes it a popular remedy for numerous situations, after all.

With skincare product staples like rosemary oil that is antimicrobial and Vitamin A, these ingredients often are infused to regulate the body's healing and skin shedding process overall. Chamomile and lavender oils aid with calming of the skin and reduces inflammation or stress around the affected areas. The formulation even contains calendula oil that's set to treat sensitive or damaged skin, and Vitamin E that hydrates the derma layers, leaving your skin with a softer, more supple finish.

So, does Bio-Oil actually work?

According to numerous studies done, the answer significantly points to a resounding yes. For many of these candidates who suffered from stretch marks or bodily scarring, the product's application was proven to visibly help with the appearance of them. Apart from reducing skin marks or scars, the formulation is even touted to help with hyperpigmentation as it smoothes and evens out dark and light spots on your skin.

The experts do of course advise pregnant women to apply it twice everyday, to help with the skin's overall elasticity, which in turn helps to prevent the formation of the visible lines. Prevention is after all, better than a cure.

And the best part about this miracle oil? It's gentle enough to be used on your face — in the same daily frequency that you would with your body — making it a suitable addition to your day and nighttime skincare routine, especially if you're attempting to treat your acne scars, or trying to rid your undereyes of those fine lines.

What else can you use Bio-Oil for?

Apart from the potent work it can do for your face, Bio-Oil also seems to be a great substitute or enhancer for some of the day-to-day products we use. When it comes to makeup, it works as a great remover — for both your face and to clean your brushes. Rubbing it in and washing it down with water is all it takes, it seems. It's also great as a hair and scalp oil; mix it in with your shampoo to help reduce flaking and itchiness, or maybe even run through your tresses with a little formulae to lessen the frizz. With its overall hydrating effects, the oil is of course one you can easily use as a moisturiser every now and then, especially if you're looking for something with a little more glow.