Does drinking liquid chlorophyll help cure acne? We debunk the latest TikTok wellness trend

Does drinking liquid chlorophyll help cure acne? We debunk the latest TikTok wellness trend

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Text: Emily Heng

Throngs of Gen Z folk and TikTok users would attest that orange is hardly the new black. Nor is it dusty pink, we might add, despite its prestigious standing as the hue favoured by millennials and progressive beauty brands. Instead, the colour du jour of this season proves to be a serene, healthful green. Why? Well, as it turns out, a certain viridescent pigment has been credited as the cure to acne and a gaggle of other skin conditions. Enter: liquid chlorophyll.


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What the heck is chlorophyll, really?

If memory serves, it is what gives plants its green colour. Medical and scientific journals have confirmed that it is brimming with vitamins, antioxidants, as well as a whole host of other restorative properties that prove beneficial for both the skin and body.

How frequently should you be drinking liquid chlorophyll?

Every morning, apparently. To reap optimal effects, TikTok users recommend you add 15 drops of aforementioned elixir to a whole glass, mix well, and enjoy.

Does it taste bad?

No. If numerous reports on the Internet are anything to go by, it tastes like mint-infused water — admittedly, one that looks like the bottom of a "scummy pond," but still.

Are all the supposed benefits recognised by skincare professionals?

Not exactly. The general consensus is that ingesting chlorophyll does:

  • Reduce skin inflammation and bacterial growth
  • Stimulate the immune system
  • Get rid of bad odours
  • Stop mutagenic cells, which lowers the chances of cancer

Still, that's not to say that it helps clear out acne or helps you lose weight. Board-certified dermatologist Dr Azadeh Shirazi is quick to nix these claims in the bud, pointing out that while there are several small studies that identify topical chlorophyll as a fix for acne inflammation, it is lacking in concrete testing across wider audiences. In fact, drinking too much chlorophyll is even known to cause digestion issues ranging from diarrhea to yellow stool. Eep.


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In short: feel free to add it in your regime, but don't expect miraculous effects any time soon. Also, be sure to exercise caution with regard to portion. When in doubt, less is more. We've gathered some options for your perusal, below.