By Terry founder, Terry de Gunzburg, on how she deals with a mature, sensitive, and dry complexion

By Terry founder, Terry de Gunzburg, on how she deals with a mature, sensitive, and dry complexion

Bare skin bible

Text: Emily Heng

Bare skin bible details how notable figures from the beauty industry get that healthy glow to their mien. From the products in their arsenal to skincare secrets, we get them to dish the dirt.

The lowdown on her complexion

My complexion veers more toward dry, mature skin. My main aim is always to keep it looking hydrated and glowing, with or without makeup. In my pursuit of this, I've developed an obsessive yet simple routine, with lots of layering of application.


What goes on her moneymaker

1. By Terry Baume de Rose Biphase Makeup Remover

I have managed to strip back my skincare routine to 3 minutes with my key products that drive visible results for my skin. I begin with the incredible Baume de Rose Biphase Makeup Remover to remove all pollution from my face — yes, I use this even if I am not wearing makeup. I massage the product in with my fingertips, before rinsing it with a hot cloth.


2. By Terry Baume de Rose Micellar Water

I'd douse liberal amounts of this on a cotton pad, and pat it on face focusing on the T-zone. I make sure to run it over the nose and jawline area, especially. Once that's done, I rinse it all off again with a hot cloth.


3. By Terry Baume de Rose Beauty Toner

Next comes toner. I splash it on, and wait for it to dry on my skin before proceeding with my routine. There's been a lot of discussion as to the necessity of toners in one's routine, but I find that I believe in all products that have clinical proven efficacy. I always try to formulate my products to be as clean as possible, without comprising efficiency. Being clean and vegan is a true philosophy and should not be a marketing claim. It is something we have been working on for a long time at By Terry and will continue to champion.


4. By Terry Baume de Rose Oil

I'd then apply some products to lock in my moisture for the day/night. I start with a serum, first, though that tends to vary based on my skin needs so I won't mention any specifics. Next comes this facial oil, which I slather on a clean brush to deeply nourish all of my dry zones.


5. By Terry Baume de Rose Face Cream

Lastly, I seal in all that goodness with a veil of the Baume de Rose Face Cream. I like to massage it deeply into my epidermis. Beyond that, I am also militant with the amount of water I drink — it plays a big part in the maintaining of my skin. When I'm not gulping water, I'll have green or jasmine tea. No smoking, of course, because that will rob the glow and luminosity from your complexion. I'd also recommend upping your intake of fruits and veggies, because that'll help you get a good dose of natural vitamins in.



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