Buro. Hangouts x Two L(i)ps: Munah Bagharib and Bella Koh on how they deal with angry, irritated skin

Buro. Hangouts x Two L(i)ps: Munah Bagharib and Bella Koh on how they deal with angry, irritated skin

You need to calm down

Text: Emily Heng

Editor: Guan Tan

Has your skin pitched a temper tantrum as of late? You know the one. It's your mottled, inflamed mien after you caved and squeezed that zit; the friction burn sustained from too-tight underwear and jeans; or the aftermath of frequent shaving with a little too much vigour. Long story short: your complexion is pissed — and is far from the lustrous brilliance you want it to be emerging into a post circuit-breaker world.

We feel you. As do a whole host of people, we might add, including global authority on vulva care, Two L(i)ps, comedic genius Munah Bagharib and slow living advocate, Bella Koh. Both are long-time users of the luxury intimate care brand, and have found relief for this affliction through the brand's latest calming rescue cream: the Two L(i)ps Ice. Yes, that's a skin saviour to tide you through the worst of complexion-related flare-ups. It was too good not to share. And so, Buro Hangouts x Two L(i)ps was born.

Founded in 2018 by Cynthia Chua, the homegrown intimate luxury care label, Two L(i)ps, is on a mission to break down taboos surrounding all things vulva (the skin bits that you can see and feel; commonly mistaken for the vagina). The idea came naturally to Cynthia –– after all, her global chain of hair removal studios, Strip, has treated over four million vulvas worldwide since 2002. It's safe to say that they've seen a lot and, turns out, our little girls need some moisturisers, pimple creams, brightening serums, and rescue creams too.

The event took place 30 May, where we were joined by 80 readers to discuss, debate, and debunk the most far-fetched remedies for angry, inflamed skin. Participants were also mailed a deluxe sample package of Two L(i)ps Ice to play with prior to the big day. Missed out? Fret not — here's all the insight we gleaned during the session.

What are some of the causes behind angry skin?

#1. Shaving

A poll was conducted with the participants, whereupon 56% of readers voted that shaving was the leading cause for irritated, aggravated skin. Bella agreed, stating that in her case, she opts for a sustainable chrome shaver and irritation most commonly occurs around the armpit region. Two L(i)ps Ice has been a great help for her as of late, providing some much-needed soothing to the area thanks to the inclusion of cooling menthol and the anti-inflammatory liquorice root extract in its formulation. Munah, on the other hand, has ditched the razor in lieu of AFT –– Strip's painless, semi-permanent hair removal treatment. She's been waiting (patiently) for the re-opening of salons to get her fix. We feel ya.


#2. Abrasions from menstrual pads

As if dealing with Aunt Flow wasn't troublesome enough. 53% of readers expressed their frustrations with this dilemma. Thankfully, Munah has just the fix. She advises that readers apply a thin layer of Two L(i)ps Ice over the vulva before putting on a pad. She likens it to a protective barrier that prevents skin sensitivity. Bella also suggests alternative gentler, biodegradable options in the vein of period panties and cups.


#3. Abrasions from too-tight jeans, underwear, and the like

Beauty is pain. And so is fashion, it seems. 42% of readers have experienced this, and are at a loss as to how to prevent more friction-related wounds. And since walking around in the nude is, uh, not an option, as Bella so aptly puts it, Two L(i)ps Ice is your next best bet. If you've got any abrasion from loose seams and zips, any soap, water or ointment may prove to be pretty painful to touch. Slather on some soothing Two L(i)ps Ice to create a physical healing barrier over it (the ingredient sea algae heals the skin). Seamless underwear is also a sound suggestion, though Two L(i)ps Ice proves a more reliable fix for your current wardrobe.


#4. ... and more

According to our readers, everything from at-home waxing kits, heat-induced rashes, and insect bites has led to pissed off skin, too. It's a hard-knock life, indeed. Participants then flossed their story-telling skills by sharing their current methods of coping, leaving us equal parts impressed and awestruck:

Ana said she loves a good old greek yogurt mask: "I use natural greek yogurt, wear my panties, and do my things. After 10 minutes, I wash it off."

Yogurt slathered all over your lady bits? While this may come across as ridiculous and messy at first, Ana is about right. Some bacteria strains, such as streptococcus thermophilus, have been known to improve skin health.

Loraine used to opt for cold aloe vera: "I get abrasions from pads or liners at times. My remedy is cold aloe vera to soothe, and if the rash is a few days old and still uncomfortable I use cornstarch powder. I recently had a rash from a liner, so I used the sample you guys sent. Was okay by the next day!"

Assem is clearly a home remedies whizkid: "I use SPA Ayurveda body mist, it's [a] product from Sri Lanka. Also I use baby powder talk, to reduce the irritation and dry the skin. Oh, I also use papaya balm, the best panacea for everything, for irrigation, skin burns or itchiness."

These three entries will be receiving a winning e-mail sometime soon, so keep a look out for that. In the meantime, don't get heated — keep calm and ice on.

In every bottle of Two L(i)ps Ice you will find three key ingredients and therefore three key functions: sea algae which keeps your skin moisturised and firm by maintaining collagen and elastin levels; menthol to cool and relieve any irritation in the (mind) and skin; liquorice root extract with anti-inflammatory properties to heal and repair any minor skin damage and soothe irritation.

Yup, your skin will thank you for it.