Buro. Beauty Club Singapore: We review the Everyday Humans Resting Beach Face SPF30 Sunscreen Serum

Buro. Beauty Club Singapore: We review the Everyday Humans Resting Beach Face SPF30 Sunscreen Serum

Testing 1,2,3...

Text: Emily Heng

For the longest time, sunscreens had a maligned rep largely attributed to the sticky, ghoulish tint it left on our miens; a taxing, extraneous step in our routines that did our appearance no favours. Since then, the industry has been working double time to alter that perception, dropping new-and-improved formulas imperceptible to the naked eye; emphasising the detriments of sun-damage; and incorporating it into our skincare in the name of convenience. Sunscreen-serum hybrids prove a popular option as of late. Touted as both lightweight and complexion-enriching, most offerings also claim to boost hydration levels and bolster skin radiance. Such is the case with the hero product from Everyday Humans, a dermatologically-tested, anti-pollution formula designed to protect your visage from even the harshest of rays. Sun stud or dud? The Buro. Beauty Club investigates, below.

The promise

Product: Everyday Humans Resting Beach Face SPF30 Sunscreen Serum

Shade range: 1

Suitable for: Normal and combination skin.

Uses: It prides itself as a sun-shield that protects and hydrates in equal measure, helping restore skin suppleness while providing a dewy, glowing finish.

Price: $39


The people

Emily Heng, Beauty Editor

As with most (if not, all) things, I have exacting standards when it comes to my SPF. She has to have a light-as-air, whipped texture; moisturising capabilities; and an illuminating finish that will draw comparisons to the smooth, glistening skin of a dolphin. What can I say? I'm big on the damp skin trend. It's a tall order — one which Everyday Humans mostly meets. Two pumps are all I need to cover my entire face; a luxuriously soft gel formula that delivered on a healthy sheen. There's none of that ozone-, chemical-like odour either. Instead, I was treated to a minty-fresh scent that lingered throughout the day. I did, however, notice slight flaking in the dry areas of my face by midday. Re-application solved the issue, though it does say something about the longevity capabilities of the product. Luckily enough, it comes in a travel-friendly tube that fits into the smallest of purses. All in all, I'd say the pros outweigh the (slight) inconveniences posed by this sunscreen.

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Aravin Sandran, Arts Producer

Since I started wearing sunscreen in my late twenties, it has become the most important step in my skincare routine. Unfortunately, for the longest time, I struggled to find one that best suited my temperamental combination skin. I cringe badly now when I look back at the times when I used Banana Boat's sunscreen lotion on my face! These days, I am deeply committed to Korean skincare brand COSRX's fuss-free SPF50 Aloe Soothing Sun Cream. However, when I read that this sunscreen serum works harder than an OL on OT with its promises of hydration and antioxidant properties, I knew I had to give it a shot.

The good news is that it delivers on it some of its guarantees. For starters, its pump dispenser makes applying the product far more convenient. Similar to a serum, the sunscreen lives up to its "weightless" and "zero white cast" claims. On a few scorching days, its invisible protection made me even wonder if it was truly working on my warm chocolatey skin. The bad news is that its hero ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, spinach and green tea are right at the bottom of its ingredients list. This means there is probably a negligible amount of these ingredients in the product to truly make a difference on the skin. On several occasions, I had to refresh my skin with a mist after realising its lit-from-within finish had faded away as quickly as a candle on a birthday cake.

It's far from horrible, though. I would probably continue using it from time to time when I'm resting indoors, only because it's non-greasy and fast-absorbing. When it comes to my beach face, however, I'm going to be reaching for something a little more potent.

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Azrin Tan, Editorial Intern

Application is made easy with the product's pump dispenser. You get the just-right amount each time, plus the product's design keeps the cap free of messy residue. The lotion itself is so lightweight it hardly feels like sunscreen at all — particularly because there's no white cast or greasy finish that I typically associate with sunscreens. I'm also a stickler for skincare that smells like goodness in a bottle, so this one really met my expectations in that regard. I'm guessing that the refreshing fragrance is credited to its spinach and green tea blend, which made it really enjoyable to put on every morning. On this front alone, this sunscreen is already looking to be a win for me.

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Cheryl Lai-Lim, Editorial Intern

Call me fussy — or perhaps particular — but I need my sunscreen to deliver on a lot of things. Not only do I like my SPF to work around my haphazard morning routine by absorbing into skin quickly, it can't have a white cast, and it has to sit well under my makeup. Fortunately, the Everyday Humans sunscreen does indeed go above and beyond in checking all boxes. The snow-white tint initially left me feeling apprehensive, but my worries were abated when the sunscreen quickly assimilated into my skin. The sunscreen did leave behind a glowing finish as promised, while I found a mattifying primer does the trick if you're looking for a smooth, even base. I also loved the addition of hyaluronic acid and green tea that allowed for both sun protection and hydration. I did notice some pilling though, which I reckon could be due to my silicone-based primer if anything. In any case, my primer's reaching the end of its life - and I can confidently say that I'll ditch it for this bad boy in a heartbeat.

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The payoff

A thick, heavy concoction this is not. Everyday Humans has crafted on a feather-light, protective solution perfect for our shores, made all the more functional thanks to its smart bottle design. And while we won't say its moisturising capabilities are all that extensive, its other complexion benefits (see: radiance-boosting) makes it a win in our books.

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