Buro. Beauty Club Singapore: Can the Origins Mega-Mushroom Relief & Resilience Power Duo get rid of our maskne?

Buro. Beauty Club Singapore: Can the Origins Mega-Mushroom Relief & Resilience Power Duo get rid of our maskne?

Testing 1,2,3...

Text: Emily Heng

The term 'new normal' has been in constant rotation since COVID-19 struck. At this point, we suppose it could be in reference to any number of things: restricted social gatherings; travel constraints; or the mandatory wearing of face masks. The latter, in particular — while effective in stemming the spread of the disease — poses a whole new set of challenges. Chafed ears and impaired breathing aside, there is also the issue of maskne. Translation: zits, pimples, and acne galore thanks to the long durations spent donning a restrictive face covering. It's a widespread issue as any, one that has prompted the skincare industry to act. High-performance skincare label, Origins, is one of them, dropping a Mega-Mushroom Relief & Resilience Power Duo that promises a clear, luminous, and resilient complexion. Does it live up to our (sky-high) expectations? Read all about it, below.

The promise

Product: Origins Mega Mushroom Soothing Treatment Lotion and the Origins Mega Mushroom Advanced Face Serum
Uses: To strengthen damaged skin barriers, calm redness, and soothe visible skin sensitivity.
Ingredients: Fermented chaga, Reishi, sea buckthorn, camelina oil, and more.
Suitable for: All skin types.
Price: $63 for the lotion and $138 for the serum respectively.


The people

Emily Heng, Beauty Editor

As someone who typically doesn't deal with regular breakouts or zits (#blessed), I knew I was in for a rude awakening when masks were made mandatory. Suddenly, I was dealing with a deluge of pimples in the most awkward of places, ranging from the top of my ear to the curve of my jawline. Prior to my introduction to this Mega-Mushroom duo, I had been using an acne treatment gel to deal with spots of the cystic variety. My overall complexion, however, still needed work, which is when this blemish-busting duo comes in.

First things first, the scent takes some getting used to. It's not strong in the slightest, though I did find it a tad medicinal. The lotion — shake before use, folks — was a lot waterier in texture than I've anticipated, almost toner-like in its consistency. I found that it worked best when applied with a cotton pad, where I could feel it sinking into my sink quickly to work its magic. The serum, on the other hand, was cream-based. I opted for just a single pump over the course of a few days, and didn't observe much changes. Three pumps, however, proved to be the magic number, where I noticed clearer, smoother skin and the banishment of skin-redness. As someone with notoriously thin skin (ha), I also felt that sustained use made my skin feel less delicate, where repeated rubbing and tugging along my visage (ah, the woes of makeup removal) didn't leave me tomato-red anymore. Is this what it means to grow thicker, stronger skin? I'm into it.

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June Chen, Marketing Manager

What I liked best about the Soothing Treatment Lotion is that it's a really light solution that applies easily; is quick to absorb; and exceedingly moisturising. I found that it helped soothe irritated skin immensely — which makes it a definite yes considering today's daily mask-wearing routine. And to pamper the skin further, the serum is a perfect fit. It helps to instantly plump the visage, leaving it supple and looking hydrated without a sticky sensation. When used with the soothing treatment, the two-step routine acts fast when it comes to clearing any maskne or redness. In conclusion: great products for relieving skin irritation — which is so important right now — as well as providing a soothing and aromatic experience that serves as a perk-me-up at any time of the day.

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Melia Andriani, Designer

My skin hasn't been at its best since circuit breaker started (I blame junk food and my reduced water intake) which, naturally, led to a whole lot of blemishes sprouting up on areas where I normally wouldn't break out. The Origins Mega-Mushroom Relief & Resilience Power Duo came at the right time in this regard. I really liked how the serum had this unconventional creamy texture that wasn't sticky in the slightest — it made my dry skin feel a heck lot more moisturised, which consequentially reduced any redness I experienced. The lotion, on the other hand, was a lot waterier, but it still applied easily with both a cotton pad or fingers. All in all, I witnessed significantly calmed, less-inflamed skin after about a week of use. Will I integrate it into my daily skincare routine? It's a big yes from me.

Buro. Beauty Club Singapore: Can the Origins Mega-Mushroom Relief & Resilience Power Duo get rid of our maskne? (фото 3)

The payoff

A good call for anyone looking to banish 'em zits and reduce redness. It should, however, be noted that the products are mildly fragranced thanks to its inclusion of certain ingredients, so those with highly-sensitised skin should take note. Other than that, it has demonstrated remarkable capabilities when it comes to calming and soothing acne-ridden and inflamed complexions; aka a godsend in these trying times.

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