Best skincare, hair care, and body products from Lush: Imperialis Moisturiser, Daddy-O Shampoo, Dark Angels Fresh Cleanser...

Best skincare, hair care, and body products from Lush: Imperialis Moisturiser, Daddy-O Shampoo, Dark Angels Fresh Cleanser...

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Text: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @lushcosmetics

As long-time members of the beauty community will tell you, variety is the spice of life. Perhaps that explains the staggering growth of the industry over the past few years; the foregoing of cookie cutter offerings in favour of labels that promise both innovation and ingenuity. Vegan skincare? Check. Clean fragrances? Hells yeah. Cruelty-, paraben-, and sulphate-free makeup? Bet on it. And while such progress is well and good, the sheer volume of products available can leave consumers feeling overwhelmed. That's where we come in — to help you narrow down which of these bad boys to splash out on, we've come up with a list of products we've personally tried that are worth their salt.

This week, we're looking at Lush: the game-changing label spearheading the charge for freshly-made, organic, and cruelty-free formulas. Get 'em credit cards out and at the ready.

Dark Angels Fresh Cleanser

You can now enjoy that deeply-cleansed, squeaky-clean feeling without having to scrub your face raw. Rhassoul mud, black sugar, and charcoal are gentle yet mighty exfoliators, while the inclusion of avocado oil and vegetable glycerine ensures optimal levels of hydration. We find this a prime pick for those with oily skin types, where it draws out impurities and mattifies greasy visages with ease. It is said to be revered amongst teenaged folk dealing with bouts of hormonal acne, flaking, and more.

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Lush Imperialis Moisturiser

It averages a five-star rating amongst various review sites, which tells you everything you need to know about its efficacy. A lightweight and non-sticky concoction, it's loaded with skin-nourishing lavender and sweet violet that is said to work across a variety of skin types — making it an ideal fit for skincare novices unsure about their needs. Soothing, anti-inflammatory, and microbial, we find that it works wonders on acne, too, where it helps calm and dissipate redness.

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Daddy-O Shampoo

No colour treatment shampoo out there does it like Daddy-O. A life-saver for those experiencing brassiness in blonde locks, its thick, rich formula restores silver and gold tones all while adding volume and shine. Don't worry about it weighing down your mane either; its potent blend comprises extra-fine sea salt that adds body to thin, fine locks. I, beauty writer Emily Heng, am a big fan of its bergamot and lime scent which never fails to energise and invigorate.

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Honey I Washed The Kids Soap

It doesn't get any gentler (or safer) than this. We'd say this cult soap bar's family-friendly status is probably attributed to its ingredient list featuring English honey and beeswax, both of which eradicates bacteria without stripping skin of moisture. No harsh chemicals or ingredients in sight. In fact, we'd liken this bad boy to lathering up with a solid crème brûlée: sweet, rich, and the perfect ending to a comprehensive skin- and body care regime.

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Dirty Toothy Tabs

Perhaps there are such options out in the market that we're unaware of, but from what we know, these solid toothpaste alternatives are pretty unique to Lush. Packed with kaolin powder, neroli, and spearmint, Dirty Toothy Tabs serve as a quick way to obtain cleansed chompers in a matter of seconds. To use, simply pop it in your mouth and chew, using your tongue to push it along your teeth. Does this mean you can now brush your teeth on-the-go? Damn straight. We'd go as far as to call this bad boy life-changing.

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