Best lifting creams to get you a V-shaped face: La Mer, Chanel, Clarins and more

Best lifting creams to get you a V-shaped face: La Mer, Chanel, Clarins and more

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Text: Azrin Tan

Oh, the V. And no, we don't mean down there. We're talking about the much more coveted V: the one we all either subconsciously or consciously attempt to attain, some even voluntarily going under the knife for it. But whilst having an angular V-line face shape is dependent on genetics, it seems there are other solutions to obtain a slimmer countenance rather than surgery. And at the end of the day? Most of us are really just looking to reduce sagging so as to counter that disappearing jawline. Enter: face lift creams. Whilst they may be no face doctor, they're definitely of help when it comes to tightening the skin and keeping the visage looking defined. We've compiled the very best options to start on that money-making lift, below.

Clarins V-Shaping Facial Lift

Looking to get the natural contour and get rid of that double chin? Clarins' plant-infused serum makes all the promises it sets out to keep: facial contouring to counter the effects of gravity. Keeping the skin feeling tight and less puffy, the Clarins V-Shaping Facial Lift utilises an Organic Agropyron that is known for its gripping power, ensuring firmness overall. It even has Zerumbet Ginger and Horse Chestnut extracts that counter water retention for some gravity-defying results.

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Laneige Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask

For the folks looking for some night-time repair. As the name suggests, this overnight product is one that offers an improvement in the firmness of yo' skin and the lines of your visage — all whilst you have your beauty sleep. The raving reviews on the Internet seem to be delighted by its delicate, supple quality that's almost transferable to the skin, to a bouncy, youthful effect. If anything, it does seem to reduce the facial fine lines and keeps the sag at bay when applied where needed.

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Créme De La Mer Lifting Contour Serum

A lightweight gel-based serum, this pick is one that makes its grand offer on the sculpting front. The silky consistency is infused with sea-borne ingredients that promotes the healthy renewal of natural collagen production - hence giving it its sculpting and shaping power for the slimmer jawline you covet. With La Mer's exclusive Lifting Ferment, you'll be treated to a firmer countenance all around.

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Chanel Le Lift Créme

Touted for its smoothing and firming properties — for both the visage and the décolletage — the Chanel Le Lift Créme acts on a cell renewal property to optimise on your skin's natural regeneration process. Composed of 94% natural origin ingredients, the Le Lift combines botanical concentrates that are as effective as retinol to have a gentle, recontouring effect on your countenance. Upon application, one can expect a tensing, tightening effect for a more refined, lifted appearance.

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Origins Plantscription Powerful Lifting Cream

Best lifting creams to get you a V-shaped face: La Mer, Chanel, Clarins and more (фото 1)

Meant to be filled with cutting-edge ingredients all formulated to help restore the skin's youthful radiance, bounce and firmness, this lifting cream has got the Internet saying one thing: it works. Apart from the visible reduction in fine lines, it is formulated with Origins' Powerful Lifting Complex that helps to correct and redefine sagging contours, soften marionette lines around the mouth, and get that bouncy plump back in.

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