Best facial treatments for maskne in Singapore: Caring Skin, My Cozy Room, BIOSKIN and more

Best facial treatments for maskne in Singapore: Caring Skin, My Cozy Room, BIOSKIN and more

Zap the zit

Text: Azrin Tan

These days, forgetting your face mask once you're out the door is equivalent to heading out sans underwear — you'd feel naked without it. But whilst most of us have have adapted to the mildly breathless feeling caused by donning a face covering,  the other effects of mask-wearing are not quite as easy to deal with. Yes, we're talking about maskne — the notable stepsister of our all-too-common frenemy: acne.

But whilst the skincare industry has fast clamped down on the opportunity to manufacture a slew of maskne-busting products, you might still find yourself hard-pressed for a refreshing heal on your tormented countenance. After all, there is really only so much a serum might be able to do for our aggressive maskne, that somehow manages to persist despite diligent mask washes and our even more rigorous cleansing routines. Our solution? Treat yourself — to a facial that's primed to deliver on a specialised treatment for maskne. A roundup of the most highly-rated picks, below.

My Cozy Room

Maskne is essentially a form of acne, so what better treatment is there than one that specialises in fighting acne head on with extraction? My Cozy Room's Premium Anti-Acne LED Facial Treatment uses blue light LED therapy to eradicate bacteria that commonly causes acne along your mien. It's soothing, helps to reduce redness, and most importantly, is designed to clear up the clogged pores; a result of the changed microenvironment around the facial area trapped under the mask layer. Sign us up.


Caring Skin

Presenting an #influencerfavourite. Caring Skin's 90 Mins Customised Maskne Facial ensures you'll have your skin fully taken care of — from start to finish. Their comprehensive Visia Skin Analysis highlights the necessary focus areas based on your complexion so facialists will be better equipped to recommend your ideal customised treatment. Their facial treatments include the Nano Perfector that stimulates collagen and elastin production for a brighter skin tone and their SHR Facial that will improve clarity and reduce post-acne pigmentation. With their trial, you'll even be treated to a complimentary Cryo Meso Therapy said to assist with overall skin repair.


Yet another one that focuses on acne outbreaks. Bioskin's Skin Purifying Facial Treatment concentrates on deep cleansing — yes, exactly what all our faces are in dire need of now. In order to best clear up clogged pores, the treatment relies on salicylic acid: an ingredient that proves increasingly popular in cult skincare brands now. By using salicylic-acid focused treatments, this thus allows the procedure to avoid  extraction completely so as to reduce possible scarring. In other words? You'll be in for a more comfortable, gentle treatment.


Cambridge Therapeutics

Bacteria's got you down? Well, bacteria's definitely the cause of more than one acne-prone visages, but Cambridge Therapeutics' Neogen Plasma Acne Treatment might just be your solution to that. Plasma energy primises to sterilise and rid your face of harmful bacteria, even ridding it of future bacterial growth. With their plasma acne treatment, your skin will also be prompted to regenerate and heal itself. Acne scarring, be gone.


Pure Tincture Organic Beauty

Got sensitive skin on your hands (or face)? Make Pure Tincture's Organic Beauty Facial Treatment your top pick. Their treatment is pared-back but comprehensive: including a thorough skin analysis to help ensure that you're getting the most out of your treatment. Their anti-acne facial treatments vary from their Santaverde Aloe Vera De-stress Treatment to their Sukispa Balancing Cosmeceutical Facial. Whilst the former focuses on the value of aloe vera as an ingredient (think: calming), the latter is an effective one that makes sure to decongest clogged pores, control sebum production, and kill acne-causing bacteria.