Best eye creams, tools, and massages to treat dark circles: Supergoop!, The Inkey List, and more

Best eye creams, tools, and massages to treat dark circles: Supergoop!, The Inkey List, and more


Text: Emily Heng

As of late, it's clear to see that the power of technology knows no bounds. With COVID-19 barrelling full steam ahead and displaying no signs of abating, we have been relying upon our smartphones, laptops, and various gizmos to conduct our daily dealings. From work tasks to social activities, it's come to a point where we're facing a screen constantly. And while that could very well be the future as we know it, it does have its fair share of detrimental effects. Namely, for your skin and peepers.

Best eye creams, tools, and massages to treat dark circles: Supergoop!, The Inkey List, and more (фото 1)

The latter, in particular, is not a matter often discussed — a surprising statistic as any considering how research has found that too-much screen time stresses the blood vessels around the eyes. This, thus, forces them to dilate which, in turn, causes the skin around them to appear darker. To sum it up? Yes, your Netflix binge could very well be the reason behind your dark circles. Bearing in mind our recent circumstances, it seems only fair that we drop some words of wisdom on how to counteract this (fatiguing) affair. Here's how the Buro. Beauty team has been coping:

#1. Invest in a hydrating eye cream...

This is a given for just about anyone who's been dealing with designer eye bags, shadows, and fine lines. For those new to the scene, however, we recommend lightweight, gel-type formulas that sink into the skin effortlessly — because who wants to be slathering something thick, goopy, or sticky right before bed?

Look out for anything that contains plumping hyaluronic acid or caffeine, as it helps constrict blood vessels and, thus, minimise the likelihood of dark, raccoon-like peepers. The Inkey List's Caffeine Under-Eye Serum ticks all the right boxes.

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#2. ... and SPF for the under-eye area, too

Those black-out curtains might be doing a bang-up job on keeping those pesky UV rays away, but it won't do much against blue light. Prevent typical signs of ageing — which includes dark circles, naturally — by slathering on a protective SPF dedicated to the delicate under eye area.

We like this one by Supergoop!, which contains a slight tint that allows it to double up as a concealer. Makeup goes on smoothly, after, too, so you can pile on the concealer afterward to create the illusion of a well-rested mien.

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#3. Try out an eye massage tool

Cold tea bags and hot compresses might bring swelling down just fine, but on those days where you need to bring in the big guns, we say go for a professional tool to do the job. Most offerings in the market integrates high-frequency sonic micro-vibrations and red light therapy to instantly soothe physical signs of eye fatigue.

The ést. lab Intelligent Eye Revitalizer Tri-Action Massager is a cult-favourite. And for good reason, considering it harbours nine different heat settings from 37°C to 45°C as well as options to customise treatments based on preference. Bonus: it is now available in a devastatingly gorgeous rose gold hue. Uh, did someone say new statement piece for your vanity?

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#4. Consume omega-3 rich foods

Think salmon, walnuts, and the like. As it turns out, this is because such foods comprise fatty acids that help improve blood flow to the skin, which actually moves it away from your under-eye area. So, next time your schedule is jam-packed with back-to-back Zoom meetings, maybe opt for a sushi platter.

#5. Down an anti-histamine

Allergies might be more than just an olfactory annoyance. This is attributed to constant sneezing and rubbing, where constant aggravation along the under-eye area can cause the formation of dark circles. Curb this by taking an over-the-counter anti-histamine — I, beauty writer Emily Heng, find that Clarityn is the most effective option.