Best Augustinus Bader products to try now that they've finally launched in Singapore: What's in the bottle, which products to get, and more

Best Augustinus Bader products to try now that they've finally launched in Singapore: What's in the bottle, which products to get, and more

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Augustinus Bader is everything you need in a bottle (or bottles) of skincare. And it's now easily within our reach. Ask any beauty expert about this gem of a skincare find and they'll probably start gushing as to its many wonders. Since its debut in 2018, the German label, Augustinus Bader, has witnessed their brand grow into one with a loyal cult following — and all it had to do was await a test of their products. No big marketing campaign, no out-of-the-world packaging, or celebrity-standard backing. Just the sheer quality of their prime product, The Cream, in a bottle. And suddenly, everyone from beauty gurus to celebrities were talking about their products. So much so that even Victoria Beckham requested the brains behind the brand himself, Professor Augustinus Bader, to co-create some of her Victoria Beckham Beauty products.

With its breakthrough stem cell regenerative technology, The Cream aka The Miracle Cream boasts its medical and healing prowess, especially considering how the professor is a renowned expert in the field of regenerative science. According to the science behind it all, it utilises a powerful ABC technique that unlocks the body's inherent mode of tissue repair. Essentially, unlike other creams that  treat symptoms like uneven skin tone or under eye wrinkles, this immensely regenerative technology called TFC8 catalyses your body's stem cells to work and repair itself.

But enough of the science: if you're looking to try it all out for yourself, you're in luck. With their online and in-store launch on our little island, you're now able to get your hands on some of these famed bottles yourself, right from behind your screens. Time to cash it in, especially when you can enjoy free delivery if you're ordering from within Singapore. Below, we suggest some of the best Bader products the Internet won't stop raving about.

Augustinus Bader The Cream

If your rapidly depleting bank balance allows just one Augustinus Bader product, it has to be this. From evening your skin tone to calming all manner of acne and inflammation, we trust you'll be able to glean a many a peak selfie with this bad boy. Expect a plumper, firmer appearance in days to come.

Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream

It's all about kocking that daily hydration in — with extravagance, naturally. There's no other way of describing it when this rich cream touts its own luxe and decadent quality as well. This is the sort of moisturiser that will not just soften the fine lines on your visage, but will make application feel like an entirely new sensorial experience.

Augustinus Bader The Body Oil

Think of this like The Cream, but for your body. Your body needs just as much moisturising as your face does, and this exquisite body oil will help to solve those visible body lines in no time. It's a light, non-greasy formulation that will give your body all the hydration it needs without the overt heaviness of a cream after application. And who can deny a smoother, plusher and healthier looking skin glow-up, really?

Augustinus Bader The Cream Cleansing Gel

When it comes down to facial cleansers, it's hard to find one that is gentle, moisturising, and discerning enough to strip away of all the bad stuff (see: sebum, clogs) while retaining the good ones (moisture).  And yet, that is precisely what this cleanser claims to be — where it even allows you to remove your face paint without the need for a separate makeup remover. Sweet.

Augustinus Bader The Hand Treatment

Launched in response to COVID-19, this squeeze tube of hand cream is designed to strengthen the skin's barrier so as to combat the rough, cracked and over-washed hands frequently witnessed during pandemic season. With TFC8 technology and soothing, nourishing ingredients like honey and vitamin E being a part of its blend, we suspect it will soon rival the cult Cream in terms of reputation.

You can now shop the full range  of Augustinus Bader products here.

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