Best — and bougie — hand washes to try: Aesop, Byredo, and Diptyque amongst many others

Best — and bougie — hand washes to try: Aesop, Byredo, and Diptyque amongst many others

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As the truly competitive can attest, everything can be made into an opportunity to flex. Your AirPod case, powder compact, and yes, even your coffee mug serves as prime real estate to show off your distinctive style. And while we're sure you have those covered, it's likely that you'll have overlooked a thing or two in your efforts to parade your individuality. For your consideration? Hand washes. That is, souped-up goods to perfume and soften digits, aka swanky suds to rival the offerings at the bougiest of boutique gyms and hotels. As purveyors of good taste, we'd say we're more than equipped to provide suggestions of this calibre. Cast your gaze on our favourite tried-and-tested luxe picks, below.

Byredo Suede Hand Wash

A respectable hand wash should enhance rather than overpower your perfume of choice. To that end, we're advocates of Byredo's Suede Hand Wash; a mild and fresh fragrance containing hints of bergamot and pear. Its minimalist bottle design also means you won't have to bend over backwards to make sure it adheres to whatever theme your bathroom counter has going for it.


Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash

Its distinctive apothecary-style bottle is a fixture in the swankiest of restaurants and bars. So, what better way to bring a little of that glitz to your abode by investing in a 500ml bottle? The Aromatique variation harbours the soothing scents of rosemary and lavender that leaves skin feeling cleansed, but never tight.


Diptyque Softening Hand Wash

Remedy the drying effects of those alcohol-based hand sanitisers with this gentle cleanser. Not only is it developed for folks with severely dehydrated, chapped skin, its distinctive design and blood orange hue makes for a standout addition to any commode. Bonus points if you have a complimenting candle flickering in the background.


Grown Alchemist Hand Wash

The new-to-Singapore Australian label offers a sleek, discreet hand wash ideal for sparse spaces. Unlike other subtler offerings, this one comprises a citrusy kick for those who prefer an invigorating fragrance to tide them through the day ahead.


Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Body & Hand Wash

Fans of this cult-classic scent will be pleased to hear that it is available in a soap variant, too. Delectable fragrance aside, it doubles as a body wash and statement piece to lavatories with a simplistic layout.


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