All about butt masks: What they do, how they work, and the brands to try in 2021

All about butt masks: What they do, how they work, and the brands to try in 2021

Booty business

Text: Crystal Lim

Editor: Emily Heng

Image: Instagram | @bawdybeauty

You may have spent a veritable fortune (and countless hours) on your skincare routine, but it's probably not the best idea to rest on your laurels just yet. Or, well, if you decide to, be sure to slap a mask on it first. You read that right: butt masks are now a thing; a category within the beauty industry slowly gaining prevalence thanks to a surge of complexion complications arising in the area. We're talking acne, irritated patches, and more — all of which is exacerbated by the fact that your tush is constantly being shielded by layers and layers of clothes. And so, a solution has arrived in the form of these booty buffers. We've detailed the lowdown of the situation (including the best ways to sport 'em), below.

What is a butt mask

It is as literal as it sounds. These bad boys are essentially a sheet mask for your bottom, and it does exactly what a regular face mask does for your visage. They exfoliate, hydrate, tone, detox, and even brighten. The only difference lies in its structure: naturally, butt masks are available in two sheets, because, ya know. It's one for each cheek. Glad we cleared that up.

How should I use it?

If you don't have a partner to help you painstakingly line up these nourishing masks to your tush, then you gotta roll up your sleeves and do it on your own. We recommend you put it on while standing up, and with your back facing a mirror. Once it's on, keep it in place for 10 — 15 minutes by lying on your stomach and letting it do its magic. Peel it off after and apply any excess onto your legs and/or other body parts that require some moisturising.

Ahem, so is it really effective, or...?

Yes, absolutely. Butt masks are not developed any differently from the latest skincare in the market. That is, using the latest ingredients and technology from the 21st century. Reviews have shown that users find them a godsend, with it particularly effective against buttne (shorthand for butt acne) thanks to its antibacterial properties. Exfoliating options are also great to firm and brighten the area, a perfect treat and rescue for dull-looking skin or those experiencing buttne-induced scarring.

What are the best butt masks to opt for?