Zara’s freckled-face campaign sparks controversy in China, Game of Thrones makeup is underway, and other beauty news this week

Zara’s freckled-face campaign sparks controversy in China, Game of Thrones makeup is underway, and other beauty news this week

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Text: Emily Heng

Image: @jingwenll | Instagram

1. Zara's latest campaign featuring a model with freckles is apparently an 'insult to China'.
Chinese social media platform, Weibo, was abuzz with criticisms after the Spanish high-street retailer dropped photos of a freckled-face model wearing their latest range of lipsticks. Comments include how Zara is "playing up the stereotype of the appearance of Asians in Europe and America" and how the ad is just plain "ugly".




2. Urban Decay is launching a Game of Thrones inspired collection.
To be released tentatively in April, rumour has it that one palette will contain cool, icy shades inspired by White Walkers, while the other comprises of warm metallics inspired by the Mother of Dragons herself. #WarIsComing


3. NYC bans discrimination based on hair.
In a historic move, New York City has made appearance and grooming policies that ban natural hairstyles illegal. They include locs, cornrows, braids, twists, bandu knots, fades, and Afros. Kudos to the big apple!



4. Glossier launches a new mystery brand, Glossier Play.
No word as to what the label will be about, but Glossier has mentioned that they hope fans would be able "see, touch, hear, swatch and play with what's to come." How intriguing. 



5. Fans slam Ariana Grande for committing the makeup faux pas of the century...
... and that's not removing her makeup thoroughly. This came to light after the star posted an Instagram story of her and her pup cuddling in bed — with the remnants of smudged black makeup left on her eyes. After experiencing multiple drags, she then came on to say that she "still exfoliated and did a La Mer Mask."



6. Kanye West has gone full-on rainbow with his hair.
You can spot every colour of the rainbow dripping down West's head, with fans drawing comparisons to "melted snow cones" and even "a bowl of Trix cereal." Perhaps he was inspired by Rihanna's latest manicure? And on to another member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan...



7. Kylie Jenner gets a totally unexpected piercing.
Five, to be precise — they include three matching silver hoops on her helix as well as two tiny studs on the forward helix. Apparently, she used to rock the piercings when she was younger, but only chose to get them re-opened in 2019.



8. Colourpop teams up with Zoella to release a brunch-themed makeup collection.
Launching 27 February, the whole range includes an eyeshadow palette, 12 pressed powder eyeshadows, three ultra-matte lip formulas, a blush, a highlight and three lip pencils — all decked out in the colours of our favourite breakfast foods, of course.



9. Sulwhasoo introduces a fresh new skincare line inspired by plum blossoms 
Known as the Bloomstay Vitalizing range, it is targeted for younger audiences with anti-aging concerns brought out about by environmental pollutants, stress, and various lifestyle challenges — all housed in dainty, all-too-pretty blush pink packaging. 


10. Shower-fresh locks are the new hair trend to try this season
As seen on Burberry and Richard Quinn for London Fashion Week, it appears that soaking wet locks — artfully plastered to the face — are the way to go in 2019. Time to ditch those hairdryers, ladies.