Why the new Yves Saint Laurent Beauté limited edition compact is on our lust list

Why the new Yves Saint Laurent Beauté limited edition compact is on our lust list

Night jewel

Text: Renée Batchelor

If you're the kind of person who treats your compact as a must-have on your nights on the town, this latest bauble from Yves Saint Laurent Beauté will entice and delight

What's in a compact foundation? What looks like a makeup product to most, is actually a lifesaver, beautifier and handy mirror in one sleek, hand-held contraption. In the days of yore when people didn't have mobile phone cameras, a compact was the thing you needed to check yourself (or perhaps a cute guy in a club) out discreetly. And since then compacts have come a long way, with many brands going the personalised route with the option to have your initials engraved or even a customised illustration etched on, so you can have your smug moment of superiority when you whip yours out. 

YSL Encre De Peau Cushion and Touch Eclat Blur Radiance

We love Yves Saint Laurent Beauté Le Cushion Encre de Peau's touch of cosmetic decadence as it's got the bling factor, but is never tacky. The first sign of tasteful restraint is that it's in black — with the brand's signature gold detailing and logo. Unlike the original, shiny black finish, this limited version is glitter-specked like a Parisian sky at night. Whip it out, flip it open and get ready to dazzle. The compact houses the brand's much-lived cushion formula of its best-selling Fusion Ink for a forever fresh finish on the skin. Perfect for touch-ups and whenever you need some extra coverage, this is one wingman you shouldn't leave at home.

Available from May 2017