Why the FendiFrenesia Scented Baguette bag marks a turning point for the fashion — and beauty — industry

Why the FendiFrenesia Scented Baguette bag marks a turning point for the fashion — and beauty — industry

In good odour

Text: Emily Heng

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Adorning our faces in all manner of beauty products is most certainly a multisensorial experience. From the slide of a buttery, creamy-textured eyeshadow over lids (some even come in SPF, what) to the whiff of a cocoa-scented bronzer (hello, Too Faced Chocolate Soleil), there's no doubt our senses are constantly engaged. It's an exhilarating experience — one, it seems, that is about to be further enhanced thanks to this new trend: perfumed objects.

We've arrived at a new age, alright, one where our favourite bracelets, brooches, and bags get the olfactory treatment. The movement first began when Diptyque introduced their Prêts-à-Parfumer range, a collection of scented objects that can be worn on the skin, wrapped around wrists, and even pinned to clothes. In a nutshell, the fragrance market is heading towards one-of-a-kind, personal channels to conveying your signature scent to the world.

Storied fashion house, Fendi, is running with it. Meet the FendiFrenesia Scented Baguette, an unmatched creation made from scented Selleria leather. The brand teamed up with iconic perfumer, Maison Francis Kurkdijan, to create the scent, landing on gender-neutral notes that reflect the nobility and fluidity of the carrier. Suffusing every inch of the Baguette, its fragrance lasts up to four years. A complimentary miniature bottle of FendiFrenesia comes with every purchase — for when your bag needs a fresh dose.

Available in three sizes and varying hues of Fendi yellow, you can scoop up yours online, or at the Fendi Miami Design District Boutique if you happen to be on that side of the world. Don't wait too long, though — the FendiFrenesia Scented Baguette is limited edition, on sale only till 20 December.

Get a whiff of that.

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