When should you start an anti-ageing skincare routine? Decorté says don't wait, not with their revamped AQ Meliority range

When should you start an anti-ageing skincare routine? Decorté says don't wait, not with their revamped AQ Meliority range

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Text: Emily Heng

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Our years spent observing the ebb and flow of the beauty industry has taught us that attitudes are constantly changing within the community. In recent times, we swap out full-coverage foundations for lightweight, second-skin finishes; bold, polished arches for textured and fluffy ones; and bone-straight locks in favour of natural texture. The most discernable shift, however, appears to be the altered mindset on anti-ageing skincare. Once reserved for those above 35, they are now embraced by many as early as mid-twenties. What gives?

This is the age of preventive anti-ageing. A time where no one bats an eye at Botox for a 25-year-old (all the better to keep stop wrinkles and sagging before they even happen), daily chemical peels (adios pigmentation and patchy skin) or the inclusion of the highly potent retinol in just about every skincare product under the sun. Yup, eternally youthful complexion is the strongest currency in the sphere as of late — a fact premium Japanese skincare label, Decorté, is keenly aware of. This turn in tides has led the brand to revamp their cult-favourite anti-ageing line AQ Meliority with promises to deliver on better-than-ever formulations and sleeker packaging.

It is a strategic move that is already paying off if the glowing testimony by fashion legend, Kate Moss, is any indication. The supermodel's eternally fresh-faced complexion is accredited to the brand's renewed range, most particularly the Intensive Regenerating Multi Cream which she deems essential to her skincare routine. While its price tag of $1,650 per jar might raise a few eyebrows, Decorté promises it's all in good faith. The updated AQ Meliority range contains higher-than-usual percentage of the brand's rare beauty ingredient complex, of which, the Benifuki — a rare variety of green tea accounting for only a tiny percentage of all green tea produced in Japan — is most notable.

Sourced from the island of Yakushima (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), the Benifuki extract contains unparalleled rejuvenating and regenerating properties for the skin, as does the rest of the items on the ingredient list. Murasaki-cha (it boasts powerful antioxidant properties), white birch water (you'll find an abundance of natural minerals and amino acids here), black soy nectar (it enhances collagen-production), and more. The goal? To grant glow and elasticity to your skin as you've never seen before.

Complemented by the fresh, floral fragrance and an all-new crystalline packaging with a diamond cut, we say this is one investment to seriously consider — because the adage that prevention is better than cure has never held more true. The full range, below, for your perusal.

The Decorté AQ Meliority range will be available at all Decorté counters and boutiques from September 2019.

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