What a tease: Dior releases two new teasers

What a tease: Dior releases two new teasers

Double trouble

Text: Renée Batchelor

Following the announcement of two high profile ambassadors — Johnny Depp and Jennifer Lawrence — Dior releases two mini trailers

If you read the news in June, you'll know that Johnny Depp has been signed as face of a new Dior Homme fragrance. More details have been launched in the form of a teaser trailer for the scent — aptly named Sauvage — with the actor's unmistakeable rasp heard over fleeting images of dazzling cinematography worthy of a Christopher Nolan movie. We're liking the name and the rock 'n roll vibe and can't wait to actually see Depp when the campaign is released on 2 September.

At the same time another big screen sweetheart is making her beauty debut with the brand. Mere glimpses of Jennifer Lawrence are seen in the teaser for the Dior Addict lipstick, but we're already loving the flirty vibe — and the luscious lipstick — that invites you to #shinedontbeshy.